DNF..Grrr!!..lessons learnt

John negus

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Hi All, While planning my initial FarRider rally to Silverton I thought I would be clever and incorporate it into my second SS1600 attempt seeing my first SS1600 to Burke NSW was successful and enjoyable.
Plan..Friday transport session to arrive to my start off point at Nyngan for the next day...Saturday..Depart Nyngan at 5am to get to check in time window at Silverton at noon.. ( 606km) ..depart asap to Hay (614Km) to get there early evening (have an hour break and a catnap) and head for Yass (449Km ) to cover 1650Km.

Ride...Up at 4.30am ready and rearing to go at 5am (got ATM slip etc) and off to Silverton..Had new cree lights which were working fine ..pulled in half way to have food/drink at rest stop with two shifty looking characters checking out my Capo who turned out to be The Ox and Tiger Bill (all good). Made Silverton on time and after sorting out slips and food off to Hay. At this time the winds were picking up and I was getting bumped around but the worst part was that the wind was from the left quarter so my neck muscles on that side were getting a beating (took a couple of nurofen-plus for the neck pain ) and continued on. Due to the wind etc my arrival time at Hay was later in the evening than I had planned (around 7pm) . Had food and tried to nap but couldn't so just rested. It was dark by the time I headed for Yass and though a little sore and weary felt all was going to plan.( Murphy's law.. don't congratulate yourself for anything while on a ride ). Once on the open road I started using my new beaut Cree spots only to find that they had vibrated loose and off line..If a roo was in a tree on the left I would have seen him no worries same on the right if he was lying in the gutter. .Wasn't going that hard so slowed down further (80kmh) using my normal lights and second pair of spots I have had for a while. Saw a few roos but avoided any close encounters. Came around a sweeping corner and didn't see the wombat and it was only reflexes kicking in that I swerved around it and it gets worse ..I was looking for the first safe place to stop and when I did ..stopped ,bike in gear ,get off bike ..bike fall over as Dopey JN didn't put the side stand down. I was so pissed off I just pick up my Capo easily and apologised to it. This was about 120Km from Hay so I just turned around to a nice motel in Hay to lick my wounds.

Lesson learnt..I have read a heap of stuff about fatigue and managing it BUT didn't recognise it in myself till things started to happen that shouldn't have (my hydration and calorie intake was spot on). On my last IBR ride I left at 2am which I prefer to having a longer night ride at the end of the day so next time I wont change things so drastically as far as time went.
Preparation..on taking my lights apart on return no Locktite was used at all by the installer ( I think "Good bike mechanic " may be an oxymoron ) So check all new installations and preferably give them a trial run. Most importantly DNF is normally not a consideration for me which is the most important lesson learnt that it needs to be part of the my plans from now on.
As a passing note I have to thank Ox and TigerBill for making me feel welcome and most importantly Gareth who gave me some fuel when I ran out 4km from Nyngan(no lesson learnt there ..that was just stupid ).


Thanks for posting up John and sharing your ride. Learning to recognise and understand fatigue is an important part of LDRiding, passing on your experiences may just assist another rider one day, cheers ;)


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Great to meet you on the FarRide John - congratulations on getting that FR# 1040. Lots of lessons for all of us in that little tale of yours.

The main thing is that you're ok. A good thing is that the Capo now has a couple of character scars to show for its journeys. Another thing is you're already planning your next IBA ride. :)


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It is a learning curve this LD riding caper and there is nothing wrong with pulling the pin on a ride when things are not aligning up..

Your next IBA ride with be smooth as silk.. ;)


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I chose to do an SS16 in conjunction with the last Armidale FarRide John, It was hot and I didn't hydrate properly ,finished the run at 1607 k ,sighned off my log the works, totally buggered and just didn't realise. I was still 10 k from home.
Fatigue gets the better of us all on occasion. Glad you are ok.


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Hi John.
When I comdined an IBA with a farride I put the start of the ride as the start of the IBS ride and the farride fitted into some other location down the road. Its only 1000k plus a buffer so its easy to make that fit the finish of an IBA and the finish of a farride at about the same place. In all honesty its a matter of priority. And the bigger distance must always take priority and transports must always be minimal in the extreme.
Country out Silverto way would be lookin great just now. You got a ride in so thats way goodness too.

Martin Little

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Well done John, there are lessons in there for all of us, including changing our routine. Fatigue does strange things to us all

The main thing is you and the Capo are right for the next attempt.


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A very honest report there John ..... thank you, as we can all learn from those experiences. Best wishes for your next attempt and congratulations on the FarRide!
I was at work all weekend so reading of your tale makes me quite envious.

Grey Gentry

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John, Don't think we crossed paths at Silverton, but there will always be another one. Bugger on the drop, but thanks for posting.
If it's only the pride that's injured, that a good outcome.


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Thanks for the insight into your ride John. Fatigue has caught up with us all at one stage or another and we learn how to manage it effectively/safely.
It's all about the ride, planning and enjoying the experience, all the best with your next one.


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Thanks for posting John (I'm not sure if I met you at Silverton...there will be another time).

Fatigue is a strange creature and affects us all differently at different times. You learnt some valuable lessons and pulling the pin is no sign of defeat but a sign of strength in knowing when to do the right thing - safety first.
If there is only a minor dent in your pride and Capo is OK, then you are doing fine. You're already planning the next so the world is good!


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Great that you clocked up the FarRider number.- 1040 has a certain ring to it.
The bigger rides obviously have serious challenges. The trick is to only make each mistake once. That's because there are so many to choose from. ;)