Double thankful villages


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Ferreting about on t'internet as you do i came across this article
The Mail says thirteen villages but there are twelve on the list going from Cornwall, Devon and Dorset across to wales up to Lancashire East to Yorkshire then South to Lincolnshire South to the last in Suffolk this comes to around 1100 miles and is clockwise in direction which suits me (fairly short ride home from Suffolk) you can work your own route.
Martin has approved this as a saddle sore ride in principal the only problem is proving your journey either a tracker or a photo of your bike next to the village sign backed up with one of the odometer and a what three word location noted on the log.
Obviously not until the latest lockdown is lifted hopefully there will be some Premier inns or Travel lodge's left to stay in if not tent cityo_O
If there is enough interest maybe a patch.......Dave:D


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I can do a patch.


Also needs a sponsor as my cupboard is bare after the Barnard Castle patches Bob and I sponsored plus one helping with the postage costs.


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According to the Telegraph there 17 double thankful villages so visit at least 12 to cover 1000 miles in 24 hours the time starts at the first village.
What say you?


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Possibly of interest

The Thankful Villages Run

During the summer of 2013 Medwyn Parry and Dougie Bancroft rode their motorbikes to every one of the 51 Thankful Villages in the United Kingdom which we had identified at that time. The journey started at Llanfihangel y Creuddyn, near Aberystwyth, at 9:00am on Saturday the 27th of July, and some 2,500 miles and 9 days later it finished at the same point, at about 6:00pm on Sunday the 4th of August. The riders left a commemorative plaque at each Thankful Village and raised funds in support of the Royal British Legion.


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As verifier, I've been looking at this - thanks to GS John for coming up with the idea. Based on the list of a dozen villages in the Daily Mail article, that came out as ~1,100 miles, 20+ hours - a properly challenging SS1000, with only 250 miles or so on motorways.

The Telegraph list includes Willoughby Waterleys as No.56, but a) there isn't a 56 on the map, and b) it's not in the list of Thankful villages on Wikipedia. Wikipedia does have 17 Doubly Thankful villages - it doesn't have Willoughby Waterleys, but does have Butterton, in Staffordshire. Either way, the best route I came up with for all 17 is around 1,220 miles and 24 hours.

I think there's scope for two rides: one including a dozen villages (though the rules are likely to include a list of compulsory villages to be included) in 24 hours, then a Gold ride of all 17 in maybe 30 hours. By their nature, most of these places are small, so scope for getting receipts may be limited or non-existent; we may have to make provision of a Spotwalla track mandatory.