DRA get together, Ivanhoe NSW 20 May 2017


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Gidday folks,

A few of us are getting together at Ivanhoe at the above date. We'll gather mid afternoon for a quiet ale at the pub moving into dinner.

There's no breakfast options available so that will happen down the road somewhere Sunday morning.

Accomodation at the pub 02 6995 1187
Or for hardy adventurers at the caravan park 02 6995 1187

Bitumen options from Hay, there's a few gravel Rd options. I'm planning to ride in from Rankins Springs, Hillston then the Mossgeil Rd.

This is not an exclusive ride, if you like distance riding and hanging out with like minded lunatics it's for you.



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Plenty of room at the camping area mate, no need to book.

Mossgeil isn't that bad as long as you remember to stay on the gas in the bull dust holes.


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You fall off in one bulldust hole.....and maybe in some roadworks.....then write off your Blackbird all in a week and they never let you forget it!

Shame you can't make it Tele, next time


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Picked up a set of scorpion 2's this morning that had done about 2000km for nada. There was a slight catch, the rear was a 190 instead of a 180, but it does fit snugly in an fjr. Spooned the old tyres off And the new ones on this afternoon with a pair of tyre levers. See how many k's I get out of them. If they handle ok...