*E10 Fuel introduction in September*


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The government is introducing a new E10 ethanol blend fuel into the UK in an attempt to reduce emissions. It could have a negative effect on older vehicles with potential to damage to fibreglass, hoses and seals etc....
The latest S&P commodity News may ease some people's minds. Those with older vehicles that were able to run E5 should still be able to find E5.

This taken from an ethanol production/consumption perspective.

In September, the UK is slated to move to E10 as its standard gasoline blend. While most people assume that E10 means 10% ethanol in gasoline, the UK's proposed regulations allow a blend as low as 5.5% to suffice.

Gasoline in the UK currently contains up to 5% ethanol. E5 (97+ octane) will continue to be sold at service stations that offer two grades of gasoline for sale. Further,
some rural, remote and small stations will be allowed to sell E5 as standard.
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