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As " Tadpole" is retired now, I think an addition to the LD bike stable is called for, and the Bike will be hence called "EGG" (couldn't think of a name smaller than Tadpole). As soon as I get the hang of posting again, Information will come forth.


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After the whole Tadpole thing ( ) I once again found myself asking where exactly is the edge and how long can one stand precariously looking over it until either falling or relinquishing the position to an other.
I have decided to take it up a notch on the contempt for the " Poor little bike" scale, by going down two notches on the swept volume scale... 89cc to 49cc.
Some of you may ask why I used the word "swept" to define eggs important bits, but this will be come all to apparent over the next few posts;).

I collected a few postie parts during the Taddy days, most were Ct110 as the Trail 90's finish production in 79-80. But if it had wheels and is near free then I grabbed it. one such reasonable score was 18 Chonda engines ranging from 140cc down to 49cc. I went about research and measuring them only to find that more than half where proper Honda knock offs which meant 99% of the parts where interchangeable. IMG_20180106_163930_437.jpg IMG_20180106_163954_692.jpg
Now not wanting to "waste "them, I thought what can I do that will only blow up the majority but not all:confused:. then it came to me... 49cc ss1600 air cooled.:cool:


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You are a sick puppy Frog, but I look forward to watching your plans evolve.
There is an irony in a sentence where a Frog is called a "sick puppy", but it works Ok for me :D:D

49cc air cooled SS1600 .... I'm thinking Mrs Wombattle could probably run alongside for that distance and keep up! :cool:


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I love the 'box of bits', suppose plenty of bits to play with!

Looking forward to see own this one 'evolves' :eek:

All the best with the design and engineering frog!


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OMG Frog. Next you'll be on a scooter with a chainsaw motor bolted on the side and a belt to the rear wheel................
enjoy your tinkering and melding.
Looking forward to the mashup result