Entries open for BBR 2019


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Look, entries have been being accepted here for at least five minutes now and, so far, no-one's bothered. If you're going to agitate, at least pay attention:p

I suppose I'll also need to spell out that you can read all about the 2019 rally here, just in case you haven't already done that.


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Is the rally HQ same as last year's? Could not find information regarding this...
I'm in :) Just a suggestion, but could we get the Rally HQ location confirmed on the BBR2019 web page? Had a bit of a brain-fart this morning and spent the last ten minutes trying to find an email or webpage confirming where I've got to book a hotel for... Eventually found it on the facebook page, but the rally's website might be a good place to put it? :) hehe

Looking forward to seeing everyone again in May!