Entry to Canada Status?

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Hey all...I was wondering if anyone knew definitely about entry into Canada during these lockdowns? I have the CBP BWT app and it shows things are open but I hear the opposite. Thanks for the help and you may now return to your lockdown, lol.


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My understanding is that the US/CNA border may will maintain it essential travel only order until June 21st. There is still in place restrictions on travel between Provinces. Even if you are allowed into Canada, you have to immediately travel to your final destination and self quarantine for 14 days. You should have a better idea after the 21st May.





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My wife is Canadian, and she spends the summer in Canada, but as she is not resident, our understanding is that she might be turned away if we tried to cross.
Posted on our multi million dollar State billboards, Canadian travel closed except for “essential people”, being a mere peon probably stops me cold! Also, I only need a couple days in Country, currently if entering you must go directly to your destination and self quarantine for 14 days, yikes!