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Michiel One will finish his stint as ERTE coordinator at the end of 2020

We are very lucky to have Michiel (Two) Buitenwerk volunteer to be our new coordinator.

I sure you will all like to join me in thanking Michiel One for all his efforts despite his admitted total lack of computer skills!!!!


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Well done Michiel One AND Michiel Two.

Giel, you've been an inspiration to us all and led us to places we would never have thought of by ourselves. Thanks for all the rides.:)

Michiel Two, you have a hard act to follow but I'm sure you'll do just fine:)


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What can I say but thank you Giel.
In the years that I have been an IBA member you have given me the inspiration to ride to areas of Europe that I would never have dreamt of going to.
So thankyou once again, and I look forward seeing you in the near future.
Ride safe, Steve ☺


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Well done Michiel One AND Michiel Two.

Giel, you've been an inspiration to us all and led us to places we would never have thought of by ourselves. Thanks for all the rides.:)

Michiel Two, you have a hard act to follow but I'm sure you'll do just fine:)
Couldn't have said it any better, So in order to Reiterate it, I have Stolen It.
Looking Forward to Portugal and Slovenia as well as whatever Next year brings.


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What a class act Geil ! and a very tough act to follow.
I do hope we will see plenty more of you buddy and I thank you so much for what you have done and for your company.
And of course all the best to the New Michiel I will see you down the road.


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Giel, thanks for the great locations over the last few years. A difficult act to follow.

Cuneo is a must.

Will see you at some ride to eats later this year and plenty of drinks next year at a few more.

Kim Leeson

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Giel, what a Legend you inspire me to 'ride' to places otherwise never visited, on roads others only dream of...a sincere 'Thank You'
Looking forward to seeing you this year in Portugal & Cuneo for sure.......from the very hot Moroccon Sahara desert.


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Giel, the man who doesnt take directions from the satnav but gives directions to the satnav….The man who drinks gasoline for breakfast…… the man who has an discount card for hospitals worldwide……the man who’s spends more time pumping gasoline than he is sleeping…..the man who gets personal greetings at toll-booths…… Thanks for the great RTE’s you have organised!! See you soon buddy.


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Giel, thanks a million for organizing the events that got me into LD riding, it was a hit from my first RTE and the addiction stuck, I did an European RTE before becoming an IBA member. I loved every single RTE and miss my European trips! The amazing tour we did together via the backroads from the Italian Bari RTE in 2018 is still a dear memory, amongst many others. It's good to hear the tradition is continued. See you around the globe!


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Thank you so much for the excellent ERTE's.
Every ride making memories for the great company from yourself and others.

I was looking forward to the next ride in April which may now be cancelled due to the virus, so will have to catch up on another adventure.
Take care as always and Thank you again for all you have done..

michiel kerkhof

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As the Corona madness keeps us home I was doing some work( cancelling hotel rooms and ferries for the Dalton Marocco ride)I stumbled onto this page by accident and was pleasantly surprised....well more flabbergasted really to see Phil's message and all the replies from my mates in LD riding.It has been my utter pleasure(including all the swearing at my keyboard when computer doesn't do what I want it to do!)to puzzle the Rides to Eat in odd places all over Europe tru the years and coordinate it with you all.You guys always pleasantly surprised me by coming to these events each year in bigger numbers always in the same good mood wether the weather was good or bad the accommodation was bad or good and even the food sometimes awful sometimes surprisingly good.I love the camaraderie of the IBA and as long as I can get my leg across the saddle I will try and do all Euro rides and a few extra in the future.I have no doubt Michiel Buitenwerf will even do a better job than me and am looking forward to the rides in 2021 as well....of course if he needs me I'll always be available as a backup to help him out with advice and I'll continue to be the sponsor of the Euro Gold patches untill furthur notice......we have 50 of them in stock now !!Thank you all for the kind words,made my eyes wet a little a few times!! Love you all stay safe and I never liked Corona beer anyway!


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I've not looked at the forum recently so missed the announcement.
Everything I can think of to say echoes what has been written above.
Like Suzy, it was an ERTE that got me to join you bunch of reprobates and I've not looked back since.
Well done M1 - much appreciated and see you at M2's first bash!.

M2 - well done for assuming the role - I can't wait!

Mr Frank

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Hey Michiel, so glad about having met you!
You really are a true inspiration to all of us long distance riders.
Won't forget our ride across Russia and not a single of the RTEs you've organised all over Europe the last years.
It is a great pleasure being part of this growing LDR family that you've brought together.
Thank you very much! :)

And also thank you Michiel B. for keeping up the European RTEs!

See you soon.....