Expensive but it works, funny that...

Clive Brown

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Stretch GoreTex. Yes, stretch GoreTex... Klim stretch GoreTex rain suit just plain works. I have ridden through huge downpours and remained bone dry. Only thing I have ever worn that actually works. I have a collection of Klim jackets and pack the "rain suit" when I am wearing the Rally Air or the Induction jacket. Always pack the pants as I wear Motoport kevlar mesh pants seeing as Klim doesn't yet make pants for short fat guys lol... Rumour is they will be this fall.
I’m considering buying the Joe Rocket Survivor suit. After the last torrential downpour I got caught in regular rain gear just doesn’t cut it

Bill Lumberg

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I got aerostich Dariens. With my lower priced gear, if I fiddled and arranged just so, I might stay dry except for the neck/chest, and maybe 3 or 4 other areas near vents. I’d put a towel or bandanna in the front to catch drips if I was going to ride in a monsoon. With aerostich, I throw the stuff on any old way. Bone dry in heavy rain, more days than I can count. Custom fitting doesn’t hurt either.