First solo SS1000 (Armistice) paperwork advice.

Good morning,
I completed my first 'solo' ride on Sunday/Monday, previously I took part in the RBLR1000. I rode the northern clockwise RBLR route and actually made it up to Wick this time.
Anyway, my question is this; is it ok for me to post the ride documentation and then e-mail the start and finish photos? Or do I need to print the photos off?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Ian M

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following on from Chris's post

do you need to scan the receipts or include images of the receipts taken at the time of purchase?
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Hi Ian,

Assuming you aren't using witnesses, there are only two mandatory photos: one at the start, showing both start receipt and odo, and one at the end showing finish receipt and odo. Everything else can be done after you've completed the ride: filling out the documentation, scanning (or photographing) all the receipts, and then sending it all to me, via either post or email. A couple of tips: a blob of Blu-tack stuck somewhere near the odo display makes taking the photos easier - stick receipt to Blu-tack and it leaves you with both hands free. Your mileage may vary, especially if it is p***ing down and/or blowing a gale. The other tip is that, while not compulsory (and there's no need to send them in), taking a photo of each receipt with the odo display makes completing the ride log a bit easier.


Ian M

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thanks for the replies, I've good images at the start and finish and most of the way-points are good, the flash bounced off the screen so one or two are a bit washed out, anyway, I'll email over what I've put together and we'll see
i did use the blue tak but some receipts were so long i ended up folding them to make them fit