FJR1300 - 5 or 6 speed?


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Guys, looking for some guidance from you FJR owners out there.
I’m seriously considering swapping from BMWs various to an FJR1300 (a bit like moving from Windows to Mac)
Anyway, I can get an new old stock 5-speed with electronic suspension etc for £12500 or a 6-speed for £14500.
- were there any other improvements that matter
- is a 6 speed worth £2k more than a 5.

Anything else I should be excited or worried about?
6speed is not a big deal, but with a six speed comes better lights. I have a 5 and my riding buddy has a 6, milage wise no big deal. His lights are a lot better and the cornering lights work great


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6 speed also has cruise control, heated grips, and - as Derekw68 said, LED lights. The lights are fantastic. Also, the 6th gear does highway miles with ease, though I personally haven't tried the 5 speed to compare. - Depending on the year of the 5, it may also have the cruise/heated grips.