Flip helmets and servos

Dicky Knee

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By my way of thinking, if they permit me to dispense the fuel from their apparatus, then they are happy with the terms of the agreement. eg, me not taking my helmet off, but I can still fill the bike.
I get pi$$ed when the counter jock (and yes...I have been a customer service attendant for Shell in a past life) then changes the terms of the transaction by placing further conditions on the transaction by demanding the helmet be removed.
if it was such an integral part of the transaction, then please, don't allow me to pump fuel until i have met your expectations to complete the transaction.
*rant over.
If you want to get technical with respect to the no helmet decal, the decal shows a closed full face helmet. I have a flip face helmet and walk in with the flip face open. Have never been challenged. That said if I was asked, I would just remove it. Servo attendants have one of the highest risk jobs in the country and don't get paid much. You never know if they have been held up before or they are just fearful of being held up, so I would give them some slack.