Frans have a DD1000


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Most years around the second weekend of September, I have a party at home. Sometimes it coincides with my birthday, mostly my 35th birthday.

This year will be no exception. I am looking forward to my 35th birthday again...

I know it is the same date than the memorial ride to Wilmington which Jeannie and I attended before.

It is not my intention to oppose or interfere with this memorial ride, but rather to celebrate my own birthday and give riders an alternative to participating in the weekend's ride.

If you do not wish to go to Wilmington, feel free to consider my ride.

You need to ride 1,000 km in 12 hours starting at say 4am or so and end up at my place at say 4 pm or so after your 1,000 km ride. If you choose to start at 5am, then you need to finish at 5 pm, etc. no receipts, no documentation, no nothing, just you, your bike and the road.

The meal

and most drinks will be on me, even if it rains.

I have limited soft ass accomodation

but just about unlimited hard ass swag accomodation. Bring your own swag.

There is a motel nearby and Uber will take you there. Your bike will be safe at my place.

I also have security which will keep you safe while you are sleeping. This is Jack

You need to email me your expressions of interest

I forgot to say that the date is Saturday 9 September '17

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I see your pooch is a lover of botox injections Frans. This has pricked my thought patterns. I may have to attend just to see how you can convert a pot of boiling water into fare for the masses.


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Rostered to work that weekend again this year. I missed your 35th birthday last time and looks like I will miss this one as well :(
I hope there are more 35th birthdays in the future so I can get to one. :D


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Ok, just an update and a reminder

So the soft ass accommodation is starting to run out!!!

Plenty of hard ass accommodation left

There is also a motel within Uber's reach from my house if everything else fails :D:D:D


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I, like Fatman and LTP will be availing myself of the "soft ass" accommodation. Looking forward to the conversion exercise. "water into fare for the masses".


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After being one of the fortunate to be at Fran's 35th. birthday bash, I along with Lynne, Michael and William spent today riding home in glorious weather. South to Albion Park then up Maquarie Pass, on oh so smooth bitumen to Robertson, then Moss Vale before south on the Doom. Swinging off onto the Federal Hwy. for Canberra had us enjoying stunning sunny conditions with an acceptable temperature, no heated gear turned on. With a stop at Polo Flat [Cooma] for two sorts of fuel, liquid and solid. Our midday repast was taken outside in the before mentioned sunshine. Now I've had some memorable rides down the Cann, but today's was up there with the best of them. Arriving back in Bairnsdale saw the dynamic duo and William have a short stop before the final run home to Berwick. A great days riding backing up the thousand k's that myself, Michael and Lynne had done on Saturday. A perfect way to spend a weekend. Thanks again Frans and Jeannie.


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As Hackle has mentioned we both had a great time over Saturday and Sunday. Thanks Jeanne and Frans for your hospitality at the "farm" once we got past the security officer checking everyone on arrival, Jack the dog that is, what a good boy..

What a nice bit of bitumen up Macquarie's Pass, you always know when it is going to be a nice day when the local "knee scraping" (or they think they are) go harders are out riding only to stop 40km up the road for a pie and coffee. A great run down the Monaro Hwy saw us home in no time.

Hackle, thanks for riding with us up and down and William for the south run back to Mexico!