Frans have a piccie thread


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I recently renovate my office and finally got to put up a few certificates which I accumulated over the years. I had a tad over 30 IBA equivalent rides over the years, but don't do the paperwork for all of them. I only send in the rides that is of significance to me.

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Nice collection Frans.
Do you know the name of the frame/moulding? It looks really good on the certificates.
After last weekends events I've been hit with a completely new surge of enthusiasm for all things LDR. my own ride to the muster went like clockwork and the trip home gave me time to reflect. One of those thoughts was...mate get those certs out and get the bloody things framed. Not to mention submit a few from the little blue box.
Mate its nice to see your proud of your efforts and put them on display.
Well done.


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Awesome presentation Frans ...... not to mention the awesome effort you put into obtaining those selective bits of paper.
My humble collection are in plastic sleeves, in a folder which resides in the back of a filing cabinet drawer. I think that's where they'll stay.