fuel and food help in dubious locations.


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I have put this question to my mates on another forum but thought i wopuld put here as well.


Looking for fuel locations and food locations in or around the following locations:

Emerald - QLD: time req' aprox 0618 hrs

St George-QLD: time req' aprox 1534 hrs

Dubbo - NSW: time req' aprox 2138 hrs

What I am after if possible is a multi-functional road house / petrol station that has good fuel and reasonable food. The food is secondary as I can always organise my own food
for a particular time and location by bringing it with me on the
but the fuel on the other hand is kinda not negotiable.

I am working on about 6 hours ride time between each location give or take 15 minutes.

If I get somewhere early I can give my self a bonus rest.

All input gratefully received.


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On IBA rides like this I don't do food, spanner. Someone will chip in here I'm sure.

Emerald QLD has 24 hour fuel at the Caltex on the Capricorn Highway at the eastern end of town. Phone (07)4982 1304. (GPS -23.534039, 148.172579)

St George Caltex on the main drag 102 Victoria Street open until 18:00hr phone (07) 4625 5322. (GPS -28.036424, 148.581611)

Dubbo is a 24 hour fuel town. On the northside BP near the corner where the Newell Highway (A39) meets the Golden Highway (B84) (-32.24404, 148.610548) , otherwise along the Mitchell running east/west south of the CBD.


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That's great info. thanks OX.

By the way ..... what do you mean "you don't do food" does that mean you only buy food or you only bring food ..... or you don't eat!!!! That last option is not an option for this little duckky!!!!!! lol

On IBA rides like this I don't do food, spanner.


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You haven't said your planned distance, but on a SS1600K I would not eat. Time is not crucial like on a SS2000K or BunBurner Gold, but I've adopted the practice of not eating much on rides. I'm used to that and its worked for me for so far.

Martin Little

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I'm the opposite when it comes to food - I maintain my eating patterns, modified to suit the ride but I try and maintain the same diet.

On a long multi day ride I will carry certain types of food with me - trail mix/some fruit/cereal and box milk plus I carry the Thermos for the Coffee.

Also I love to have an orange while I'm taking 5 to clear the head and check the plan.


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Hi Spanner, with a day ride I may only have a snack during the ride, hydration is a different story and is probably more important.

As Martin indicated, nutrition is important however I put more emphasis on nutrition with multi day rides. From my experience this may affect 'leaner' riders more so it's not such an issue with me lol.


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I look for fuel locations especially if I'm going on remote areas. I'll carry fuel if in doubt. I never bother about food. If i feel i want to eat something I'll buy whatever is available at the servo. Muesli bar or sandwich, doesn't matter to me.

Gatorade is more important to me. I drink more than i eat on longer rides.

Grey Gentry

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I carry breakfast, and lots of grainy bars for nibbling along the way. Purchasing food happens only when I need a full stomach to help me catch some shut eye.
There is a hydration pack, and an occasional iced coffee along the way.


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Looks good spanner, just keep an eye out for those pesky roos.

In the last few months I have travelled the Northern section four times and wildlife was abundant to say the least.

Don't forget to throw a handful of muslie bars and a few lollies in your tank bag. You have to keep the engine fuelled!


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Im stressed about these dubious locations.
Will I get a toasted cheese sand-wage on my ride?

Spanner mate your in for some good learning man. Nothing at all dubious about the fuel or the food mate.
Take this as true. Regardless of location. Someone will have some sort of fuel. Someone else will have some sort of food and if your lucky some farmers house has some daughters. Known as farmersdaugthers. All one word all lowercase. The word not the girls.
Tis the adventure man.
Get off your bike about ever 3 to 400k's and cock your leg mark your territory.

Enjoy your ride. Its not a job.


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Another hint that helps me Spanner is to go to the main fuel company websites and use their fuel\servo locator apps. You simply put in the name or postcode of the town you may want to stop at and they'll tell you where there nearest servo is. If 24 fuel is critical, ring the actual servo and confirm before you leave. As an example, here is the Caltex one. Top right corner, input the location and see what you get. Shell and BP do the same.



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6425 Newell Hwy, Gilgandra NSW 2827

caltex Gilgabdra. Has been a regular fuel or coffee stop for the Barraba Crew for years.
On the left. Entry is easier than the Shell just north of town. Dont know how many bikes Ive seen clip the hidden curbing and land in the world best regulated potholes at that stop. Once saw a B-Double punch a good size ding in that joint.
Oh and the pidgions shit on everything.