Garmin 595LM v XT


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My current Garmin 595LM is not charging properly from the cradle, I suspect the pins are sticking or a little corroded. I could buy a new cradle of course but I do like the look of an XT.
Anyone done this?
Was it worth £347?
How are you liking the XT?
Any other comments?

michiel kerkhof

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I also have a 595LM and hated it from day 1......I only use it on my Beemer as I´m too lazy upto now to change the wiring to fit my beloved XT with that GPS I fell in love since day 1 definately worth it´s money!!


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Sportsbike shop is £347 - I got mine from there, and their customer service is second to none.


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Hi Dave
The 595 has the worst screen I have ever seen, I use the BMW nav 6, lovely screen and as back up I got a 590 on e-bay, which has a reasonable screen.
My son has a XT and the screen looks nice and bright.
Stay safe
Regards Bob


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I like the XT but do wish it worked with the scroll wheel on the BMW.
Great screen and some very clever features.
Never had a problem with the routing .


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In regard to the pins on the XT mount, I can assure you that they need protection and exercising by just pushing them in several times, usually accompanied by a squirt of ACF50, otherwise they stick in and the usual problems will occur.....

Had mine for some time, excellent unit with great connectivity and functionality and really bright.... so bright I run mine around 80%....
It can get a bit fussy on connections, but usually sorted out easily, it can depend on what you are connecting and in what order....

I still use my old 660 on the RT's mount as a backup, but man, it is so slow..... I simply will not pay the amount of money being asked for the BMW version of the Garmin, regardless of how well it works with the spinny wheel thing....

Recently while on my last IBA ride, the XT had a bit of a bender and needed switching off and on again... also, sometimes on a route, if I change the route slightly on the move, it keeps trying to send me back to the last missed waypoint, it should ask you if you want to skip it so I must have something set wrong..... on the move though, sorted by stopping the route then restarting at closest entry point....

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My current Garmin 595LM is not charging properly from the cradle, I suspect the pins are sticking or a little corroded.
I recently had similar problems with my Zumo 396 LMT-S after several days of soaking rain. Using a little Caig Deox-It on the base plate pins and GPS - along with some light scrubbing with an old toothbrush - cleaned up any cruft and oxidation and made it work properly again. Might be worth a try.


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Might be worth mentioning that the early XT's had a problem with the mount. The pins on them were difficult in that they sometimes didn't connect with the satnav.
Garmin replaced mine with a revised version on warranty with no argument, when mine was 23 months old.