Garmin Drive 52


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So I recently bricked an old auto GPS and I'm looking for another.. has anyone had any experience with the Garmin Drive 52? Here's what I'm specifically after/wanting

Connection to Bluetooth: I'd like for it to connect to my Sena 20S, while my Sena 20S is connected to my iPhone 8, which also would have Spotify (or garmin connected to iPhone, with iPhone connected to Sena). Has anyone physically done this? My online research says both Sena & iPhones support dual bluetooth connection, but I'd like confirmation.

Custom Map Loading: From what I can tell, the Garmin can take Trip Planner (?) which gives custom routings. My questions/concern.. I have an awesome scenic route planned out. If I upload it to the Garmin, will they re-route it to a shorter route that goes over loose gravel and causes me to regret my life choices?