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This was fun.
Recently I have been looking for a better dual sport tyre, one that’s good in the dirt but hasn’t had it in 5000 kilometers. So with that in mind I had a set of Mitas E07's fitted a couple of weeks ago.
I planned a ride to give them a bit of a run, a mix of everything really, and then just had to wait till the weather was favorable, not too long as it turned out. 0420 last Sunday saw me with a start docket in hand at North Rocks and heading west through the back streets and on to the M2 for the run south to Marulan.
Grabbed a corner at the servo and took the turn off to Bungonia, still pretty early and a lot of wild life about so just taking my time. From Bungonia its down through Windelama to Oalen ford, there’s no one on it most of the time and it’s a lovely ride, just pay attention, the roo’s are big here. Chased a few down the road and was beginning to wonder what the caper was until one of them finally made a left and hopped straight into the fence to get away from me, maybe not so dumb after all. Looked like it hurt. Stopped for a sunrise pic.

The fog was thick as we neared Oalen and I was preparing to cross the old ford, dodged a dead roo in the middle of the road and then, a bridge and no ford. Bummer, I always liked the ford, guess that’s progress for you. Soon after you get to the Braidwood road and make a right.

It’s about 50 k to Braidwood and half of its good quick dirt and your’e into town in no time. A corner docket from the funny little servo and out of town south and east. Its sign posted to Araluen but you soon make a right down the old Cooma rd. This is one of my favs and it was great looking morning in country NSW.

Its 180 k to Cooma from here and about a third of its dirt, simply sensational riding, I was having a blast, well groomed fast open road.
The dirt finishes at Countegany and becomes a wicked bit of black top in to Cooma. Pulled into the motorcycle cafe in town for some breakfast and scoffed that, filled out my log and was off to Jindi in 15 minutes. I’ve often wondered what made all these big round rocks on the side of the Monaro.

Gassed up in Jindabyne and at the last round about leaving town made the left onto the Barry way. Great run thru here, no traffic to speak of. After 50 k or so the road becomes gravel for the decent down to the Snowy River, its tight and pretty chopped up at the moment, no shortage of very slow moving vehicles either. Some of the washouts are so deep people have had to pack rocks into them to get through, I assume for the two wheel drive vehicles. This from the lookout, magic.

After a while you get to the bottom for the run along the river to the Vic border, they get quite a lot of water through here on occasion so the culverts are big.

Recent rain meant there was no dust but plenty of light mud and some big holes, heaps of fun, and then you're at the border.

Just who is responsible for grading this road, has been on ongoing discussion for the 30 odd years I've been riding it ,but there is no denying the change in quality once you cross into Victoria, the road is top notch and it’s a great run up the hill. As you hit the top of the climb the turn off to Mckillops bridge is on your left, definitely worth a look if your here abouts.

Soon after is the site of the old Seldom Seen road house, it’s gone now, burned down some time ago. Unfortunately the character who used to run it is no longer with us either. I’ve had many an interesting conversation at this location over the years. From here is a well-engineered road that takes you down to Bruthen via Buchan, sorry to bang on, but another great bit of riding. Pulled into the Bruthen servo for a corner and headed for Omeo. There’s an absurd number of corners before you get to Omeo and the Mitas tyres acquitted themselves very well, there's definitely a price to be paid for the extra dirt grip but these things hang on at the legal limits no problem at all.
Just after town there's a turn off to the right and then a lovely bit of road up to the little town of Benambra. This is new to me, which is always good, grabbed a pick on the way out and headed up the hill.

There is a sign a little ways back warning you of 65 odd k of tight winding gravel and it didn’t disappoint. Well-made and in good nick for the most part, it was great mountain riding.

When the dirt ends you're in a place called Upper Nariel, simply beautiful.

From here it’s a 40 k of narrow black top up to the Murray Valley highway. I won’t forget this place for a while, at the main road it’s a right and a couple of k later I pulled into the Corryong servo and gassed up. Out of town and took the turn to Khancoban and stopped at the gap for a pic.

Just after the border is the turn for Cabramurra and this again is one of my favs ,it never gets old ,the combination of simply stunning views and a sublimely technical ride has, in my opinion, no equal. The dead forest, sad but magnificent.

Into the pub in town for a solo and a corner docket, and then the gravel for Mount Selwyn and on down to the Kiandra intersection, chased off a small herd of brumbies as I arrived, some of these are fine looking animals. My plan A was to turn right here and head for Adaminaby and then thru Shannons Flat and the national park for the ACT, but, it had taken longer than anticipated to get here and it was now nearly 1900 which meant the park after dark, not a good idea. So plan B, I made a left and headed for Tumut.
Heading west on the Snowy highway in the fading light, about 20 degrees and no one about. Hit the Talbingo hill just on dusk and carved that up as best as I could. Laughing in my helmet. Just out of town stopped and tried to do justice to the view.

As you leave there's a sign warning of roo's for the next 25 k and they are right, the fields either side of the road are simply covered in them, it’s quite surreal, I tried to pic it but the Iphone struggles in the low light, but you get the drift.

Tumut just on full dark and then across to Gundagai for some food and a corner docket. Had a 15 min break here and then out on to the Hume for the 450 k run up to Kariong, my turn around point. Got a docket there and then headed back home. Made the servo at Penno at 1668 GPS k for the day and a finish docket at 0223.
The Mitas tyres are a good thing, some compromise, but that’s to be expected. You do need ear plugs on the highway, but, if they last, I'll be putting them on again, the extra grip in the dirt is worth every penny.

I have noticed a change in the speedo read out since fitting the tyres. The GSA speedo always reads light by about 7 k compared to the GPS and the ODO is always less than the GPS by about 20 k in 1600. That amount seems to have more than doubled now and the speedo is only off by 3 k now. Curious.



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Now that's what FAABs are for! Great ride, please update us on how the E07s last.

A tire with good dual purpose grip and tire life is a bit of a holy grail. I'm happy with a Tractionator on the rear and a Pirelli rally up front on the Kato, but am open to other solutions.


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Great to read Vlad - well done on an excellent ride.
Those tyres certainly look like a pattern that well serve both dirt and bitumen.
Hurry up and wear them out so we can get some mileage stats! ;)

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Another great ride and report to go along with it. It cetainly looks like a few roads worth visiting.

I have been running the Mitas E-07 for the last 120,000 km on my Tenere and ride with nothing else.
As far as tread life I got about 18k on the rear and 20 on the front on the last set. Traction is much better on the road than when i was riding on the k-60 scouts, but I am getting older and do not push it as much as I used to. Off road they have not let me down and I have taken the Tenere in some interesting places.

Looking forward to your opinion on these tryes. Thanks for sharing your ride.


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Took a while to figure out the acronym Russ but think I have a handle on it now, couldn’t agree more. In an attempt to make it more so , after some discussion with Rob have had a 21 inch rim built for it and it’s now on the bike, can’t wait to give it a burl.
If I can get that sort of mileage out of them Jeff I’ll be a happy man. As far as impressions go they transition seemlessly from tar to dirt and have good bight on the side of the tyre. The rear is great on the throttle and perhaps a little skittish under brakes but slide predictably, they are fine on the road and can be ridden with gusto within reason, I think I’m gonna love em. They are very slippery when new so be warned. At 2500 k there are no visible signs of wear


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What a majestic ride and an enjoyable morning read Vlad. Fantastic countryside and your photoes reflected it perfectly.


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Excellent ride Vlad, chucking dirt into IBA rides provides way more options for some fun over here and you've added to my list of places to go!


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Great option Vlad, they go alright with a 21" front, bigger circumference and narrower rim really helps to roll over obstacles and cut through surface gravel to the harder base underneath. As a few of the folk who have ridden up Horrocks with us after the last couple of memorial runs will attest to, a larger front doesn't limit your onroad traction or the speed you can tackle corners, just slows you on the change of direction a little bit.

In case anyone is still wondering Fat Arsed Adventure Bikes (FAABs)