Gibraltar Nordkapp 72


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Thanks Joe, I had a few choices to make and doing this one and the Eurotour in September has meant I've had to put the 32 Counties ride on hold... I WILL get around to it.


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Good luck Dave, not an easy ride north to south. You decide to do it south to north, much respect and a little jealousy.
Where both Dave and Phil are right now reminds me of the erte to Sevilla in 2013. Can't imagine that the weather is as bad as then and like Gordon am very jealous, especially being on a forced layup for the foreseeable future.

Be lucky guys and keep the rubber side up...watching both spots with a keen eye.


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According to Basecamp fastest route to Fehmarn 1854 miles covered, 1566 to go.
Looks like Phil might be chatting to Philo :)


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Treating myself to a few hours in a hotel in Malmo. Back on the road about 2 am. Just have to avoid the Moose and Elks. Will have 34 hours to do the remaining 1450 miles.