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My wife and I used to have a whole closet shelf full of cheap gloves that looked and felt really good in the store. Get out when it was the least bit cold or wet and the CHEAP gloves showed their true worth. Gloves need the same quality as the rest of your riding gear. YRMV but that's my opinion and it's worth just what you paid for it. :)


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I've really enjoyed the Aerostich Triple-Digit Rain covers. They've been 100% waterproof over the last 50k miles. I like that I'm not stuck with wet gloves for hours/days after it rains.


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After a few dozen tries I settled on a pair of Klim gloves that did not fit my budget....but costs less than the total of the ones that didnt work well. Sometimes saving money is pricey!


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Sometimes you do get what you pay for. I'm not a huge Klim fanboi, but the Klim waterproof gloves I have do keep my hands dry and are a lot less bulky than the Bilt waterproof gloves I had before, (which also kept my hands dry). I still carry three pairs of gloves when riding. Some lightweight no gauntlet summer gloves, a pair of Aerostich elkskin gauntlet gloves and the Klim waterproof ones for cold or wet riding. The elkskin is good from 40F to 80F+, but the lightweight summer gloves typically win out living in MS now. Better air flow in the humidity.
I too am a fan of the triple digit covers, doesn’t matter what gloves you ride in, having used mine for over 17 years and many thousands of miles. I did learn to put them on while running down the road, not recommended due to safety concerns, and they live in the top of my tank bag. A bonus that if running in cold weather they can be slipped on for a step up in hand warmth. The split finger design may feel awkward at first but I quickly became accustomed to them. And like always, if you have them with you and don’t need them it is far better than not having them and wishing you did! Keep it safe and stay healthy.
I was looking for something durable and warm, Ergodyne ProFlex 817WP Waterproof Work Gloves are perfect, I've recommended them to all my coworkers. The one thing that worried me was the stitching, it seems like the more stitching has the more likely the gloves are to fall apart, but these have held up great! Very waterproof Aswell, I wore them on a day with plenty of rain, my hands never got wet.
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