Good news


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Not so fast young man.
I don’t think the vaccination is the “Silver Bullet”, as Churchill may say “It’s a bloody good start!” though.


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Freedom from what exactly?
In the UK we are under tier 4 lockdown pubs, restaurants, gyms, barbers, hairdressers are shut and other non essential business are closed all sport is played without spectators and that might stop very soon around 1000 people a day are dying.
You can go shopping for food and other essentials such as prescription medicines, car servicing, doctors appointments, you can do exercise daily within a five mile radius on your own.
The fines range from £200 - £10000 depending how much you piss the cops off, hopefully this vaccine will reduce the risk and get the lockdown back to tier 2 or 3 that will get the country back on our feet.

Peter Perfect

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On the news they said that "as the vaccine was administered, all anxiety and concern drained from the faces of the recipients"....., proving that people haven't read the instructions..!! Those people have to wait three weeks for the second jab, and then wait a further week for it to have taken effect. Meanwhile, others are starting the procedure (and the four week process). Once everyone has had the first jab it will still be a month until the "all-clear" assuming it's a success. Then we need to wait for other countries to catch up.

We aren't going anywhere any time soon...


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Current US CDC travel requirements include a negative test to return to the IS even if you have had both shots. We have a ways to go.