Greatest longitudinal distance in the U. S. while remaining within the same time zone?


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Does anyone know if a greater longitudinal distance exists in the continental U. S. than between Sneads FL and Van Horn TX (obtaining DBRs) while remaining in the U.S. and in the same time zone? Just thinking of a unique geographical ride. I realize some nest a BBG from JAX to Van Horn during a 50cc which would include this geographical distance, but to "carve out" a unique geographical "greatest - farthest" type of ride may be noteworthy and also get some interest.
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Unless I am mistaken, and to bring this "wide" piece of time zone into perspective, it is about 1180 miles wide at its widest point in the U. S., while at the equator the distance between time zones is about 1038 miles and ... this stretch between Sneads FL and Van Horn TX is quite a few miles north of the equator.


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I sure didn't. There's the North - South East Coast ride on the Big List which is the East Coast 2000. I was just thinking of a unique East - West ride, non-coast to coast, of something of significance like the greatest distance east-west in the continental U. S. while remaining in the same time zone and I believe Sneads to Van Horn is it unless someone knows different.


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Wow... Yup, even a route through Canada nearly due east-west via roads, it is 1400 miles and that is much farther from the equator than I-10. Kinda glanced at that but didn't give it much thought because the route would either need to enter Canada and reenter the U.S. or loop down through Toledo. So just thinking here...
-At the equator, the distance between time zones is about 1036 sm
-At 45 degrees north where Perry and Ironwood are generally located, the average distance between time zones is about 730 sm
-The distance between Perry's and Ironwood's longitude at 45 degrees N is about 1115 sm
-The distance between Perry's and Ironwood's longitude at 0 degrees is about 1595 sm
-1115 sm / 730 sm = ~1.53
-1595 sm / 1036 sm = ~1.53

The distance between Perry ME and Ironwood MI is definitely an anomaly, not only being 1.53 times as wide as the distance between times zones at 45 degrees latitude N, it appears to be the widest point in any U. S. continental time zone...even at 45 degrees N.


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If you stay in the us and if you stay within the time zone for the entire ride. Perry Main to Ironwood Michigan. 1736 Miles
Ironwood is in the Central Time Zone. The four UP counties that border on Wisconsin are in Central Time. Bergland MI is in Eastern and has a Mobil station at the intersection of M28 and M64.

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Ok... You just said same time zone. ;) Best I can find on I-40 is 1115 miles between the Adrian Travel Stop on the West end and the Rockwood Shell on the East side.

@Shawn K - Good catch, corrected above. :cool:
It only caught my eye because I used to travel that way frequently for work, and I looked at Rockport and thought "Wait a minute, I thought the time zone switch was closer to Cookeville.". So I had to go look it up for my own curiosity. ;)