GTR's (Get Together Rides)

Yes Ed I was registered under HarryR. All I did was try to update my email address on my profile and it tossed me out. I have tried to login but it says to contact Admin. I have not been able to locate any contact info for Admin on the front page.

Unfortunately I am unable to attend this weekend due to family matters but look forward to catching up down the track.


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Unfortunately due to urgent work commitments I'm oit at short notice. Ride safe and have a ball everyone attending!


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Good o see it was sorted, Harry.

Bugger you won't get there, Karl. Its because there isn't any snow up there at the moment, isn't it?
Pay that; had been looking forward to the ride/fellowship for months and it all fell through in the last few days, next time.


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Yeah, I'm just pissed at the roster gods, and myself for my dicky knees. Blasphemes as appropriate, insert your own................


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My thoughts on a location and date? None at the moment I am afraid. Pre-occupied with a two week trip to NZ next week (visiting family) and trying to find another good job so I can turf the one I presently have. I will give it some thought however. Maybe central-west NSW so the people from QLD, NSW, SA, VIC might be tempted?


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sounds like a busy time for you. Good trip overseas should shake the work issues for a bit. central NSW sounds like a good idea.
Enjoy your trip Tele.


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So last Sunday morning over breakfast in Dalby Russ, Phil, Hagar and myself had a chat about the worth of simple rides to catch up with mates.
Ive seen it posted before some place...mental health day rides. Im sure that's what GTR,s are about and without thinking about this topic we all just said yes we need more of those. Rides that is. So Russ, RB, Hagar and Gatey are now working on locations and dates for at least 4 GTR's for the betterment of our collective mental health.
Russ has picked Batemans Bay which for me is a nice 800ks down via BVW.
There is no minimum mileage required with GTR's. If you pull out a big ride then be assured you will have many to sign your witness forms.
If your ride is shorter then be assured that you will most likeley sign someones forms.
This is about relaxing and just chilling out.
Im currently working out a location as are RB and Hagar.
If anyone else would like to chime in with a place then please do.
GTR's are about longer rides off the clock too.
Quite possibly a portal for those whom wish to chaperone a rider to the 2019 Muster.


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My thoughts to cover my small sector is Graman Pub, Spring Ridge Pub, and ive heard Moonans flats back on the map. Ill include Nundle too. All have accomidation on site.
Now im going to wait for Russ to post his date...hmmm dates then make considerations.

Oh and i got a phone call last night from an inmate regarded said callers possible that the purchase into an ST1300.
If any of you can correctly guess that caller ill shout your evening meal at 1 gtr we both attend.


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Taking a big breath to blow some life into this topic..
Just been reading about Trunkey Creek. Home of "The Black Stump Hotel" and a camping ground.
This is a link to the place from Google.
South of Bathurst and East of Cowra.
So June Long weekend....8th to 10 June.

What about we actually go ride our bikes to this place and have a weekend away