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Oh ok, I was doing the same with my voyager and gave up, I've googled and put it on a few forums, I seen some harleys in the IBR, so I bet you'll have better luck getting one that fits.

Clive Brown

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Couldn't figure a way (I was happy with) to get an aux fuel cell on my 13 R Glide Ultra and retain the tour pack. I switched the tour pack mount from the permanent type to the quick release type. Not a small or in-expensive project. Requires changing to a two piece seat, changing the rear fender mounting bracket covers, installing quick release mount kit. I then bought one of the tour pack mounts that is used
to put the tour pack forward for a single rider and made some brackets to attach a basic e-bay 4.5 gallon square alum fuel cell to it.
Wanted to keep the extra weight forward, lost the capacity of the tour pack for hauling all that crap a guy doesn't need anyhow. Works
great for a single rider. Ended up adding a small rack extension out back to accept a bag for all that crap it turns out I think I really do actually need :)
Obviously this is a no go solution if riding two up....
On my Multistrada I purchased a smaller 3 gallon fuel cell and mounted it inside a Givi 55ltr rear box. Neither project was easy or cheap!
The plumbing it into the tanks , on both bikes , was a fairly major show as well.
Couldn't figure a way (I was happy with) to get an aux fuel cell on my 13 R Glide Ultra and retain the tour pack. I switched the tour pack mount from the permanent type to the quick release type. Not a small or in-expensive project.....The plumbing it into the tanks , on both bikes , was a fairly major show as well.
Hello Clive, So how did you tap into the main tank and route the vent line? Did you drill and weld a feed connector near the main tank vent port? Did you need to run a pump or was gravity feed sufficient? Did you plumb a roll-over valve in the aux tank vent?
As you can tell, I am not familiar with the fuel system used on these bikes. I assume they are pressurized and have non-venting caps.

Clive Brown

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I plumbed into the tank by drilling and then tapping a 90 deg fitting on the filler assembly plate. Kinda hard to describe?
Left all original venting fittings in place. It required trimming off the small drain "nub" where the drain from the filler cap
well is. Once you remove the large chrome (plastic) cover from tank you remove the whole filler assembly plate. Comes out with fuel pump
as a unit. You can then see where a fitting will fitting work. Had to use as small a brass fitting as I could find and then grind it even smaller
to get enough clearance. Net result is if I overfill the fuel just sits in the well and evaporates. I'm just careful lol...
Yes, added ball check roll over fitting on fuel cell. I mounted a manual shut off valve followed by a small electric transfer pump and a
fuel filter. Gravity will actually kinda just work..... Mostly due to the additional 3" height of the cell gained by the mounts so I could conceal
and mount the pump and filter.
Should have taken pics as I was doing it... Sorry I did not. I'll have a go at taking a video of what I can and try to post the link here toYou Tube... Be tomorrow evening before I can get to it....


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You want to avoid putting your fuel cell either under the tour pak or anywhere using the tour pack support for a couple of reasons. You won't like the handling with that much weight up high and behind the rear axle. In the past Harley has been known for their high speed wobble and that would exacerbate the problem as I can tell you from personal experience, just as I can say that the welds on the supports will not last long and having those give out is not a pleasant or inexpensive experience. :^)) There are several options for a pillion mount fuel cell. +1 on the fuel pump.

Clive Brown

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Hi Lisa, I am sure you are referring to the original two up position removable Harley factory mount? The mount/mount points I used have no welds and actually positions the fuel cell directly over where the rear seat would be. It uses the shock mounts as the forward mounts and the rear uses the mounts that are bolted directly to the rear fender/subframe. All the weight is directly over the rear seat, same as a pillion, considerably lower, and less than any pillion would be. In fact I added a small 3" thick bag to the fuel cell and use it as a backrest.
I absolutely agree about not putting any weight "out back"! I added a rack behind my fuel cell. Anything more than around 10lbs and you can definitely feel it! The below is a link to the solo tour pack rack I used. Motherwell actually made mine, in black. Harley has Motherwell make these now and subsequently only available from Harley....

I will post a link to a vid I'll go and take of my install ......

Clive Rand

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I am considering a fuel cell to put on my Heritage, I am going to use a solo seat to mount it, but the plumbing into the main tank has me scratching my head a little. I had considered using the balance tube at the front of the fuel tank as a filling point from the cell, is there a reason no one is using this? forgive me if it is obvious to you, but wouldn't a "T" piece in the balance tube allow the main tank to fill without having to go drilling holes to add another fitting to fill the tank.


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I suspect the issue is so few use a Heritage for IBR rides and use a fuel cell. Using the T in the balance tube sounds like a good idea.


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I tend to overload my trunk when we tour,i use my removable used"travel trunk",so I don't scratch up the nice stock ones.the extra weight is felt ,but anticipate the change and its not to hard to handle. the stock removable tourpack mount has never broke, its beginning to rattle a little nowadays, but I only put it on for longer trips.it has been used on several different roadglides(stupid deer,n ,stupid car drivers!!) overload.JPG tetons.JPG I intend to put 5 gallon bam tank in it and clive browns video and information was very helpful!