Harley Ride Planner for CC50 on 2014 FLHTK


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Has anyone used the Harley Ride Planner for the CC50? Also has anyone on the forum completed this ride on a Ultra Limited? I see that most everyone is using BMWs these days to do this ride. I am planning to make the run right after Memorial Day weekend. I'm going to ride from San Diego to Jacksonville to see my son for the holiday weekend and then make the CC50 ride on the way back to SD. I'm planning it this way to maximize my riding time in daylight hours. I think by leaving early in the morning on both days I can complete the ~1K almost entirely during the daylight hours. Anyway, if anyone here used the planner and would be willing to share their route, I'd be most appreciative! Thanks in advance!



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Don't have a Ultra limited (Goldwing), didn't use the Harley Ride Planner to map anything (a combination of Google Maps, the excellent tool found here: Coast to Coast Ride Planner *and* the routing between fuel stops that GasBuddy.com can do) worked out well for my planning and trip execution.

2380 miles in around 34 riding hours is what the 50CC ride will turn into.

Dividing the ride in half puts your overnight location from Jacksonville Beach in Junction, TX, which is about 17 hours away from the start

Looks like you'll have ~14 hours of daylight in the approximate latitude you'll be in along Interstate 10. Yes, you'll get close to 1000 miles during daylight hours, but this still means you'll have a couple hundred miles in the dark - either early morning or right after sunset.

Half the fun with these is doing the planning - learning about the *other* available amenities along the route, especially if you have to abandon the plan you've made. Been there, done that. See the entry I made in my blog that describes those challenges.

Hope this helps & luck to ya!

Mike F

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Hi Andy,

My 50CC was on a Harley Ultra Limited. I used MS Streets and Trips (before it was abandoned by MS) for routing however I've used Harley's Ride Planner for other rides and it is OK. The Jacksonville - San Diego route is well documented and straight forward. Collective wisdom is to ride through Houston and around San Antonio (1604 Loop).

Best of luck to you. Let us know how it goes.

Mike Fitzpatrick