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My advancing years and tendency to ride in winter have led me to consider getting a heated jacket, something a few others have already done I believe.

The question is Gerbing, Keiss or something else?

michiel kerkhof

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Warm & safe Bob.....had Gerbing before and also have a HD heated jacket but I sprefer warm &safe with dual controller to set heat separately for jacket and for pants....works like a dream even after having these for 8/9 possibly 10 years now....


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I like my Gerbing jacket, gloves & socks but use them with a Warm & Safe remote dual heat controller.


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I love my Keis jacket but after seeing Sean’s warm and safe base layer this weekend I think I’d go look at one of them....but I can say my Keis jacket has been great.
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Kim Leeson

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I love my Keis jacket but after seeing Sean’s warm and safe base layer this weekend I think I’d go look at one of them....but I can say my Keis jacket has been great.
Also liking the Warm & Safe base layer, no hotspots like my Keis jacket, and a whole lot less bulky. I ride with a thin tech shirt underneath and that's it. Dual Heatroller for gloves and W&S base layer..sorted, ready for any weather, except ice of course.


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My warm n safe 90 watt jacket lasted 8 years till the arms quit , but the chest / neck still worked . Still using the 8 year old warm safe single troller on a new this season Warm n safe jacket with glove liners by warm n safe . 1st saddle sore 1000 was 600 miles in rain with temps in the low 50's , and 48 by west Texas . took the last 415 miles to dray out ;)

Ian M

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Over the last six years I have had keis and gerbing and exo2.

I started with a keis jacket and inner glove liners, wasn’t impressed with that the reason I found out much later was that I bought the jacket at my normal size. Inner gloves made the glove too tight.

Swapped to exo2 jacket and gloves. They failed and I got mild hypothermia and frost bite in my left hand one January. It just crept up on me whilst riding.

Obtained gerbing jacket, gloves and trousers and dual remote controller. Again made the mistake of getting the jacket and trousers my normal size. The trousers created a significant hot spot on my leg to which I still have the scar, complained and they weren’t interested, I thought the gloves were rubbish, they just didn’t appear that warm. Remote controller had to be returned as it failed.

So full circle 2019, back to keis with waistcoat, jacket, trousers, insoles and gloves.
All works if you get one or two sizes smaller than normal, except gloves. The jacket, trouser and gloves have created hot spots. Jacket on my chest and neck, trousers on my knee and gloves on left thumb. Not too bad. Waistcoat, its good and fits under my leathers, but arms get really cold so I just use that in early autumn and spring.

One glove has leaked and I got a lovely buzzing sensation, so they are being sent back.

I get good warmth. So far this winter not had the controller more than low (green).

I did look at warm and safe but there were few reviews and I didn’t know anyone with the stuff, but I do like the concept of the base layer as it is far less bulky. So may be next year I’ll get their stuff. It does look like a significant investment as it appears you need controllers and wiring looms that are sold separately whereas with keis, it comes with them. So it appears a cheaper investment.

On the recent trip I had jacket, gloves and trousers and was nice and warm, just on low. I didn’t have them on all the time.
I don’t subscribe the view that just keeping the core warm then keeps everything else warm by warm blood flowing to the cold areas. That doesn’t appear to be the case for me.

Of the major brands available I would not recommend any of them over another. Having field tested them all, they all have their pluses and minuses which is what I have come to expect.

It’s down to budget and individual fit of the garment and availability. The main two brands do what they say they do.


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I agree with you Ian. I talked to a few people with heated gear and everyone using Keis and Gerbing said buy one size smaller. I always wear a long sleeved tee shirt under the jacket (some times 2) so it’s not directly touching my skin and a neck buff. Never use it on the high setting, only low or medium, I know high will burn.


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I have only ever used Gerbing, Jacket trousers gloves & Socks. I have had issues with the one glove not getting warm, it was found to be a faulty connection in the sleeve of the jacket, which Gerbing repaired FOC and replaced my gloves with a new pair FOC. As per their guarantee so long af you keep your original receipts.
This is the only reason I went for Grebing there Guarantee. about 10 years ago.
I have ridden in temperatures down to minus 7C and been toasty. (remember the ride to the statue on the dyke in the Netherlands in February.) I find that I do not normally have run with the temperature up to more than 1 or 2, 3 at the most on the Gerbing dual controller.
I wear LD comfort clothing under the heated clothing to give myself a barrier to avoid hot spots and if it is going to be very cold for a long run I will pull a hoddy on over the heated jacket as I find this holds the heated garment closer to the skin. and keeps me warmer and avoids cold spots still only on 2 or 3 at most. I do not very often wear the heated trousers or socks as in reacent years with good lined trousers and gortex boots my legs and feet do not get that cold,
Some times when I am only a couple of miles from home i just wack the temperature up to 5 on the jacket and gloves, for the last few minutes so when i pull up in the garage and unplug from the bike I still feel realy tosty by the time I get indoors :):)

Never used any other brands so cannot comment on them either price wise or efficiency.
Gerbing are not cheap but they do have the lifetime guarantee on their heating elements, dont know what the others do?
You pays your money and take your chance !! :p


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I use Gerbing and am happy.

I do know many of our Scandinavian friends do not subscribe to heated gear but to layering as if the heated gear fails you are pretty much goosed. The only heated item being their visors!

I have an all-day bike job tomorrow and will wear Gerbing Jacket, Gloves and heated socks, not because it will be very cold but it will be damp and cold and I find damp and cold get right into my bones unless the heated gear is on and working!

Once tried you will wonder why you did not use it before!