Heated Gear

Dear all,
Looking for heated gear I came across the website warmandsafe in the USA. In Europe you get, inter alia, Gerbing as premium brand in stores and you can go and try it on. I was wondering how you rate the gear from warm and safe? Is it better than Gerbing? What would you recommend? I like to thin heat layer shirt.
thanks for the feedback.
Everybody will have their own opinion. I currently own, Tour Master, Gerbing and Warm & Safe with the remote Heat-troller. My favorite by far is the Warm & Safe. It warms more like an electric blanket with no hot or cold spots. At least that's my experience.

Shawn K

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Go with Warm and Safe. Build quality on the others is not as good since most of the companies started getting their product co-man'd by Venture Heat in China.

I've owned other brands, and I now own Warm and Safe.

Kim Leeson

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The Thin Shirt is great, less bulk, several of us UK riders have them, no issues with performance. But I advise a thin tech shirt underneath, otherwise, it can get quite 'warm' on the skin.