Homemade Risers


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After the first SS1000 on the Trophy it was apparent that I needed to install some risers as my long torso made the reach a little too far forward after years of cruiser riding. There's not a lot of options in the market right now so I found a homemade solution on the Trophy forum.

Basically it is installing some chrome spacers under the bars and using some longer bolts to secure. The suggestion was to purchase from www.BoltDepot. com the following:

#6439 - Metric socket cap, Stainless steel 18-8, 8mm x 1.25mm x 45mm - $0.75 each x 6 pieces = $4.50

#13697 - Spacers, Chrome plated grade 2 steel, 5/16" x 1" (5/8" O.D.) - $3.81 each x 6 pieces = $22.86

Subtotal $27.36
Shipping $7.95
Total $35.31

I believe that the bolts are a little more expensive now as my total came up to around $40. Bolt Deport had my order on my doorstep in 2 days. Installation took less than 15 minutes and it works great.
I did mine with old sockets and longer bolts. The sockets were free and are 1" height. I do not remember teh exact size sockets I used, but I think they were 7/8 or 8mm/9mm 1/2" drive to allow teh bolt to fit through them.


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boltdepot.com noted, thanks!

mcmastercarr.com is another good resource with fast delivery.
McMaster has been an epic sight for me. They have EVERYTHING and the app and it site make it easy to find what you need. Best of all they are located very close to me, most of my orders arrive the next day.