Honda XRV750 Africa Twin (1997)


Latvian rider transport!!!!!!
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Lovely bike but he's a bit optimistic on price for a 24 year old bike.
True to an extent but a) the prices are on the up generally and b) the tank and Wilbers are £2300 approx (though you are unlikely to find another tank) by themselves so splitting the nice bits off and selling the base bike at £3700 is an option though then you could probably ask £3995.


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Nice bike..... 43 litre tank... wowsers... looks nice!

I can just see the forecourt cashiers face when paying for 40 litres of fuel on a bike!!!

Hope he gets what he wants for it, although that is a hefty tag,,, would be good for long hauls in certain IBA rides but 43 litres is a lot of fuel...