How close to the ocean does your DBR have to be for a 100CCC?

Shawn K

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I'll be setting out on a 100CCC attempt in a few weeks, and was taking a look at the requirements on the Big Ride list.

One thing I didn't see was any specific requirements on the locations of the DBR's for the ride. My assumption is that it needs to be in the coastal city of question (e.g. Jacksonville Beach / San Diego / Myrtle Beach, etc.), but that there are no specific requirements beyond that.

So with that thought in mind, I assume that the following locations would be good for a DBR:

Mobil - 10 3rd St N, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250
Shell - 4794 Voltaire St, San Diego, CA 92107
Circle K - 1100 N Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

Am I on the right track?


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The rules require that you start and end in a coastal city. We will accept any starting point/midpoint/endpoint where the coastal city is shown on the DBR.

That said, you may have also seen on the rules page, ". . .the 50cc is a coast-to-coast ride and to really do the ride justice, you should make it a point, even though the rules do not technically call for it as verification would be nearly impossible, to visit the ocean at both ends of your ride."

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I started my 100CCC last fall just a little more north in Jax at the Gate station (2520 3rd St S, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250). I used the 16th Ave. beach access a couple blocks north of the station to get my sand/water.
The Shell on Voltaire in SDO is the typical one. I used Dog Beach to get my sand/water. I'd say you are on the right track.
Greg Rice's website is another good reference (


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Here's a link to a 50CC Quest ride dear friend Rob Lentini and I rode in 2000. Rob did an awesome job writing his report. Everything you see in BLUE is a hot link to pictures or additional data. Unfortunately, Rob passed in 2004. He is still missed.