I Have a pair of size 11 Altburg Boots which I will give of free charge to,


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The first person who contacts me and and comes and tries them on to find they fit., (A bit like Cinderella)
As most of you know these are some of the finest hand made boots that are made in Richmond Yorkshire.
All I ask is for you to give me a small donation to Myeloma UK, a terrible illness my 7 year old granddaughter lost her mum earlier this year.
They are a superb pare & boots and much to good just to throw away.
So please PM me Steve
I am as usual having trouble posting pictures on the forum, so PM me with an email address end i will try and send some pictures by email over,

Peter Perfect

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I know this is a bit late, but my brother is a Size 11 and would like to ride pillion. I'm in Walton-on-Thames, he is in Scunthorpe..!! Are they still available?