IBA Australia Memorial Site unveiling pix thread


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The Rock awaits "you mob" and the unveiling...


Mr MC, oh yeah, that'll be me...


TJ and kwaka perform the unveiling...


Fatman reading the "Ridden On" list and recounting some great yarns of our dearly departed...


Derrick after finishing reading the IBA Australia poem and TJ telling us of our member Large, having a roo strike enroute to this historic event.


Liz and LTP laid the Wreath now TJ is wrapping things up...


"You mob..." our small LD community has forged the deepest of bonds and made friendships that are cherish dearly, that's why this site is so very special.



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Some more pics from the weekend.

General pic of the group looking south

The flies were thick at the memorial site. TJ shoos them away, is that one above his cap!

Gags, Lynne the Pillion, Ash (who arranged the plaque and the mounting of it) with Toura's wife Julie and me on the end beside the memorial rock

Liz and LTP laying a wreath to honour our past IBA Aust riders who have ridden on
IMAG4701 (2).jpg

The memorial plaque and also showing local Indigenous Elder, Badger Bate's carving of a boomerang and motorbike. Badger's carving seems somehow fitting in that when we ride our motorbikes always ensure we come back home, just like a boomerang
IMAG4722 (2).jpg

Group pic with IBA flag
IMAG4716 (2).jpg

The IBA Australia Memorial Plaque
IMAG4719 (2).jpg

I was honoured to be asked to read out the 5 names of those IBA Australia members that have ridden on. They are listed below in the order that they "Rode on"

David Jones, Davo IBA # 22575 - Rode on 04 September 2009

John Ainsworth, JRA IBA # 39183 - Rode on August 2011

John Nagle, Saaz IBA # 59143 - Rode on 02 October 2015

Rob Knight, RobRoy IBA # 60566 - Rode on February 2016

Pat McLean, Toura IBA # 49588 - Rode on 29 March 2016

IMAG4695 (2).jpg

Ride In Peace guys.
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I thought I would redo the links from Google Photos site where our pics are saved, logged into it and then they reappeared in the forum. Strange!

And now I notice when I log out of Google Photos the pics in the forum disappear again. Thoughts?

Edited again.. I just saved the pics onto the forum again and they seem ok even when I sign out of the Google Photo Account. Touch wood they stay that way.
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