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Saw this today on the IBA Facebook page and thought it was very well written and appropriate for all of us.

In Memory
Hello my friend, let's go for a ride. Just you and I side by side. This road is different than all the rest, for us they paved the best. Sun in the sky, wind in our face... hurry my friend and pick up the pace. Others will follow us one day, but until then it is our road on which to play. Sweep to the left, twist to the right, onward we ride day into night. Our last road does not end, it continues onward bend after bend. We each ride with a wide smile, down this special road mile after mile. No pain, cares or sorrow as we happily ride into tomorrow. - Lynne Carey IBA #57759
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The above Poem was written by Lynne Carey IBA #57759. Lynne wrote the poem and has a book called Letters to Heaven.

Lynne is more then happy for the poem to used as long as it is credited to here as above