IBA European Tour 2018 August 8th - August 12th

IBA Sweden

IBA Sweden
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The riders has now been on the road for just over 24 hours and it is now rather clear that the planning strategies of the riders are...somewhat different!


Unfortuantely we cannot see the location of all riders, the use of tracking was up to the rider, not mandatory.
But right now at 10:00 on the Friday we have riders between 52 degrees North all teh way up to 67 degrees North!
Some in the south, some in the Baltic states and even a few in Finland!

Seems like the Ferry bonus where you could get points for each hour spent on a ferry, and even allowing you to collect points during you rmandatory rest-break did the trick, we have at least 3 participants that used the option to take long overnight ferries.

So where is everybody right now, what are they doing!?

Latvia, well known summer resort area just outside capital of Riga: Jurmala.
One location there seems to have had some visitors.
The task: Take a picture of yourself in front of the Beachside restaurant Orrizonte.
Hopefully the snow that covered the beach when the location was scouted in march is now gone.

One other rider, while visiting Denmark seems to have visited a location close to the ferry port of Rödby.
The objective: Take a picture of a monument.

One rider appears to be approaching the westernmost point of mainland Sweden.

So what is the winning route?
Time will tell my friends, time will tell...


IBA Sweden

IBA Sweden
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Halfway into the Rally and the riders, well, the ones we can see, are...everywhere!
Only one country has not seen any visit (that we know of) and that is Estonia.
All other countries has been accounted for!

One rider visited the "tip" of Latvia, Kape Kolka.

At least two riders visited the now shut down powerplant of Ignalina.
Same type of nuclear reactor as Chernobyl...

One rider chose to visit the Tirpitz monument in Alta, Norway.

And a few chose to buy something at Ikea in Oslo.

It goes without saying that this is a mixed bunch of people.
Some visit Soviet style nuclear powerplants while others go shopping at Ikea...

Soon the rest time window open, and it appears that at least 3 riders will spend the night on a ferry departing from Oslo, heading south.
Probably they will gain points while sleeping,combining rest and sleep bonuses.

It appears that some riders are now starting to go back towards the Rally HQ, but will they make it in time?




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It appears that some riders are now starting to go back towards the Rally HQ, but will they make it in time?

View attachment 2294


Yes, and do they remember that the mandatory rest stops apply also for this last night?

Snapshot just now, with only a few hours left:


Looks as SAM and MJK has parted ways, and just one of them have the (faint) chance of turning his or hers envelope in, in a timely fashion.

...or is it a lagging spot we see pausing in Poland?

Time will tell, and as already mentioned: we see less than half of the riders here.


Latvian emergency bike transport !!!!!!!
Many thanks to IBA Sweden for organising such a great rally. You guys did a great job and we all appreciate your hard work and the warm welcome.

Lots of fun riding and a fiendish plot - who'd have thought that a huge ferry bonus would turn out to be a mis-direction?!

One of these days I'll work out the key to a good score before the rally instead of just after Robert has explained it at the end!



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Ett stort tack till er arrangörer! Ett fantastiskt arbete ni har lagt ner. Ett mycket roligt och intressant rally. Tyvärr var jag försenad och kom inte fram förrän förarmötet var avslutat men det gick ju bra ändå, tack för detta.
Äntligen fick jag poäng efter vad jag begärt, faktiskt första gången. Någon missuppfattning här och där men framför allt en urdålig plantering gjorde att jag var tvungen att sträckköra Umeå - Kongsvinger - Jönköping utan att plocka en enda bonuspunkt, för att få en obligatorisk souvenir från Norge. Nåja, det gick ju bra och jag blev därmed finisher på flerdagsrally ..... yyyyiiiihhhhhhaaaaaaaa!!!!!


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Congrats, Cawwa - wonderful result, perfect to soothe out the outcome on Alpenbutt 2017.

Just generally:
Some riders expressed dissatifaction with their own routes - afterwards.
I'd say that it is a well laid out rally when some riders goes to bed early with a "Hey, this is easy" on their lips - and find out way to late that it sure wasn't that easy.

As you already have seen - the top three routes show very little resemblance to each other.
Scott took the wide swing at things, crossed the Baltic and cashed in to the full on the ferrybonus.

Daniel went waay up North and Robert kept his route tight and dense when one looks at the map.
Still, they end up within like 100 km and just over 2000 points apart. Really close, given the difference in routing.

No-one rode a full Ironbuttdistance each day of the rally.
Actually, there are 5 among the top 10 ranked that kept their riding way under 1000km /day.

An easy rally? Well, easier than Alpenbutt, for sure! It had to be!
But was it easy? That is for the participants to tell us about in their reports.

At least, it was a friendly rally. The set up with a soft start depending on when the riders meeting ended allowed a full 12 hours for both planning and rest.

Ah yes - on rest: whilst at the scoring table, it was clear that noone used only their minimum and compulsory hours for rest,
There was no bonus for extra rest hours this time, but still all riders took out more hours during the night rest than forced to in order to remain in the rally. Yes, even the top scoring riders allowed themselves long, refreshings stops. Something to put to mind...

The lower quarter of the list holds some really big points lost at the table.
Down there one can find riders who lost a top 10 position whilst scoring.

No fun message to get, and certainly no fun message to give.
But, no rider was declared DNF at the table. Everyone returning to rallybase i time was a finisher.
One rider though, took the last night rest at the rally hotel, and then set out to grab the last few bonuses.
Great spirit - but not really aware of the true cut off time written on the envelope.
Paperwork handed in with minutes to spare, but the rider believed it to be tenths of minutes. EEEEK!!!

One rider ended up being DNF. Crash? Bike up in flames…?
No, no such drama. The explanation given is so funny we will let him use that punchline himself.

Thank you everyone that participated and made this event such a fun rally to organize!


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Some feedback from my side....

First of all, thank you all for this great rally. Great places, well scouted, good rally book, good HQ, good company, right attitude.

On the ferry, I had a look at all the explaining remarks on the bonus point locations at the end of the rally book. An excellent read! It made some locations even more interesting. A great invention.

The new thing to discuss the top three routes at the ceremony I found also very positive. I guess it's very interesting to find out about other routes and the intentions behind them.

Great job!


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On the ferry from Sweden to Finnland we got this breat at the morning - could someone told us what it exact is - or what is the "official" name?

0962-FIN-Southwest Finland-Naantali-Kukkola.JPG