IBA European Tour 2018 - FAQ-thread

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IBA Sweden
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In this thread we will gather any recurring questions - and we have some already:

1. Will there be much gravel roads?

..and yes. The bonus locations are all but a very few located on pavement.
IF there are any bonus locations that are only accessible by gravelroad then they will be:
* Clearly announced
* Measured or estimated distance listed
* Not crucial to the rally or finisher status

BUT! Keep in mind that gravel roads is an integrated part of the Nordic road network.
The futher to the north, the bigger the chance to experience unpaved road.
Your bonus location - even if situated at the side of a paved road, may require eating some dust from the position you are at, even with the navigational instrument of your choice set at "quickest" as option.
Please feel to cross out "gravel roads" in your navi or computer programme, but make sure to double check all distances with out this avoidance.

2. Will there be midnight sun?

No. Not even at Nordkapp, that curtain is drawn on or about August 1st.
But! You will experience the long, bittersweet Nordic evenings, with a sunset in the northwest and a sunup just a few hours later in the norteast - and a very bright sky in between.
You will also experience Scandinavia in the season were it actually gets brighter the further north you go.

3. Will we get to Nordkapp?

Ha ha! The rally has a theme, around which we losely build the bonus locations.
Will Nordkapp fit in? Only one way to find out!

More FAQs will be added - when the become frequent.
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IBA Sweden

IBA Sweden
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4. Will this rally be as hard as Alpenbutt 2017?

NO! No no no nooo!

Bonus clip:

Boring? Well, better pay attention because there are acually a few bonus locations in the upcoming rally on display.

IBA Sweden

IBA Sweden
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5. Will there be a room at the hotel to store my gear whilst out on the rally?

Yes! We will advice space where you can store items not carried on the bike during the rally.

6. Will there be much hiking?

No. Any bonus location requiring walking will be marked so in the book, and distance will be measured/estimated/stated

7. Is there any chance to see the fjords of Norway?

Well, as with Nordkapp, there is a correlation with the theme of the rally.
If you choose to plan your ride in that fashion, you stand a good chance to see some fjords.

Teaser on Norway:

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