Ignoring vs. blocking users

Shawn K

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It's unfortunate that I need to ask this, but...

I know that the forum software allows you to "ignore" a user, but if they post in a thread there's still a notice that "You are ignoring content by this user".

Is there a setting anywhere that allows you to block a user altogether, rather than just "ignore"? I've looked through the user preferences and haven't seen it, but it's possible that I've overlooked it.


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Was it something I said? :D

Seriously, I have not seen, on any fourm, a Facebook-esque version of total blackout "Block" where neither party has any indication of the existence of the other... The best you can usually do is prevent your eyes from seeing what they typed. I have yet to see a forum where you can block yourself from being seen or erase all evidence of them being there.

(Assuming you will even see this :p)

Shawn K

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I thought I might be out of luck. :rolleyes:

Guess I'll just have to use the Ignore button and carry on.

Definitely not you, though, so don't worry. ;)