In search of peace and quiet.


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As I am 6'4'' wind noise has always been an unsolvable problem various combinations of ear plugs, helmet, screen, screen extenders ect I now have reduced it to an acceptable level, every time I got a different bike the search started again.
Some bikes I didn't bother BMW F650, Yamaha XT 500, XT 600e, a couple of old rattle trap Triumph's now my currant and final steed (probably) Yamaha T7 OEM screen wind noise and buffeting got a Powerbronze flip screen and wind deflectors stopped the buffeting not the wind noise.
next step a set of screen extenders with the screen raised still a lot of wind noise due to the gap between the top of the head light and the bottom edge of the screen
This shows the gap,
to stop this I needed something to block the gap I cut the OEM screen and used the lower half in the original mounts and to keep the extenders level so the screen can be adjusted two over sized nuts as spacers on the upper screen mounts. IMG_1351.JPG
this shows the nuts in place as spacers
this is how looks complete
and it's reduced the wind noise to an acceptable level in combination with a quiet helmet (Shoei Neotec 2) and custom moulded ear plugs.
Over the preceding years in search of a solution i have spent enough to reduce the national debt of a small banana republic.