In State SS1000 submission


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Seeing that the premiere cats get a bit quicker certification. Is that all that the premier does for ya and how is it done?


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We provide a different email address for submitting Premier members' rides.

Here is the description in the eStore:

The Iron Butt Association is not a dues-based organization. Once you complete and certify an IBA ride you are a member forever without any additional cost to you. However, of our tens-of-thousands of members, there are a few who seek elite status. Premier Membership is where we start.
Premier Membership has benefits and privileges that cannot be had in any other manner for any price.

Subscription to a private digital newsletter which keeps Premier members on the inside track of everything happening in the IBA.

Fast-track certification of IBA rides. Premier members have access to a private email-based ride submission system and a dedicated certification group which means your ride certification takes days, not months..

Advance notice and early registration for IBA events. Premier members receive notice of events before the general membership and can register before registration is open to the general membership. Being locked out of guaranteed sell-out events such as the Jacksonville Party is a thing of the past for Premier members.

Advance notice of new certification and rides. Premier members will know first about new rides (such as themed rides) and certification.

Special rides. Premier members have access to rides that are specifically tailored for Premier riders.

The Iron Butt Rally. If you are one of the uber-elite who has what it takes to compete in the toughest motorcycle rally in the world, Premier membership is really not optional. Premier members get a private drawing like IBR veterans. Plus, Premier members get a second draw in the main drawing. Your chance of being selected for this rarest opportunity is more than doubled. Hundreds apply and a few are selected. If you long to be one of them; Premier membership is priceless.

This package of privileges and benefits is available to all IBA members for an annual fee of $40 (USD) . Click now and join. For 11-cents a day you join the most elite group of the world’s toughest riders.

Brian Thorn

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Carl, you're now set (or will be soon). I highly recommend the Premier deal; it was 12 days from when I emailed my 50CC documents until the certificate was in my mailbox.

Dr. Tiki

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I sent my 50CC in and I was wondering why it was taking so long for a Premier member.... I looked at my sent mail and it turns out I didn't use the Premier Member email address. DOH!