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Hi All

My name is Howard and I'm planing on heading down to Australia and NZ, in two to three years. My goal is to spend a lot of time basically and opened ended trip. From their who know's
No plans on doing any cert rides given that I'm planning on riding Suzuki DR650SE.
I hope to be able ride what I thinking of as the Big Circle around the perimeter of Australia. I'm not even sure if it's something that can be done.
So I'd like to hear from anyone with information about traveling in Australia. Camping, must see places, must ride roads, etc. etc
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No problems doing a lap of Oz, either direction. It's been done plenty of times. TJ on this forum did it in 9 days a year or so ago. It's sealed all the way, except you won't be following the coast across the top. Good to be planning it that far ahead, but not really necessary. Get ready for information overload...


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G'day Howard.
What an great plan! Well actually anything with the words "open ended trip" in it is going to be a great plan.

The trip around Australia is most definitely doable and other than some long and often fairly lonely stretches it is pretty straight forward. If you are sticking to the main route there are only acouple of stretches between fuel that is more than ~200km but certainly possible to find much bigger distances between fuel if away from major roads.
The majority of the population here lives more or less on the coastal strip in the south east and south west. There are of course plenty of towns out side these areas but little in the way of major cities by US or European standards.
The full lap is very much worth doing but also worth factoring in some trips in away from the coast too, not always any single thing to take you breath away but certainly some dramatic landscapes.
The stereotype of Australian outback certainly exists (and makes for wonderful DR country) but there is also so much more, from tropical rain forests and table lands to spectacular temperate coastlines and everything in between.
Happy to help out as needed and play tour guide as possible when you are near Canberra.
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John negus

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Hi Howard. .I agree a trip around OZ on a Dr650 is doable as its a reliable low tech bike..I have a Dr650 here and here are a few mods you might want to consider. .get the gel seat or equivalent (seat is hard as hell and also tall) and your arse will thank you.I am 190cm and It's a reach for me ....get the suspension sorted......consider a long range tank...get some good extra lights...also MOST importantly get good tyres..I run heidenaus on my versys 650 and Dr650 and they stick to the road well and are excellent off the tar also. Learn how to fix flats etc and consider a spot tracker if travelling alone. Look upI'm Utube ..Adventure Oz..that guy is a Dr650 fanatic and has heaps of video on his Dr650 mods and is very funny..most importantly get used to the Aussie sense of humour (find some aussies to hang with). ..oh I also forgot. .Plan To Do Your Ride ANTICLOCKWISE So The coriolis effect in the southern hemisphere Helps you get around our big country Faster. .enjoy your planning. .Cheers and yippee. .jn

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On reflection on post above...i think considering a KLR650 or a 650 versys for your trip may make life easier and certainly more comfortable. both are proven mile eaters and cheap... 50/50 dirt. ..KLR. .70/30 ...versys (70% tar). I consider my 650 versys as my best dollar for dollar bike I own and certainly one of the most underated bikes around. Also just as much fun as my Capo 1200 and ZX12R. I don't own the Dr650 mentioned's just a lodger with benefits..Har Har. When you come past Terrigal I'll do a couple of days with you also....Cheers and yippee. jn


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I've signed up to attend a Horizons Unlimited event With the hope of meeting and talking to people with real world travel experience. So I'll be holding off on purchasing a bike until I've had the opportunity to pick some brains about motorcycle choices. My gut tells me to stay away from bikes with lots of computers in them. And work under the KISS rules Keep It Simple Stupid. Is a trip out to Alice Springs worth it, same question about Ayers Rock. I hope to start this trip off by doing a Ultimate Coast to Coast - Cross North America from Key West, Florida to Deadhorse, Alaska in 30 days or less! than ride down to some palace in Canada. At which point I'll arrange to air ship the bike down under.
Well thats the plan so far. Please excuse spelling and grammar I had double hernia surgery yesterday and the pain meds maybe affecting my writing


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Its hard to anticipate the $USD to $AUD in 2 to 3 years of course, but air shipping your bike here (and back) could cost more than the bike itself. Then again, if riding your own machine is part of the adventure then that is understandable.

A trip to the Red Centre is a glorious thing. You'll get to see some very big rocks.



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Nice pictures makes me want to put my papers in on Monday. I have the idea to keep traveling on from OZ and I like to ride my own machine. I get out and ride for a couples of weeks here every summer, non riders always ask me why I don't just fly and rent a bike. They just don't understand it would be "like leaving your best girl home on a Saturday night"
By the way any of you folks from down under that come up here to the USA feel free to stop and say hello. I'm located in the NYC metro area and have a bike lift and tools should anyone need help.

John negus

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Trick looking Tenere..another completely underestimated bike (fun to ride and a mile eater). Is that aux-fuel on the back under the black case...jn


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Gudday Howard,
I 'm on the East coast sort of in the middle not far from Byron Bay happy to help out when your wandering around the country .
The main highway is boring but there are lots of better roads to get around .