Interstate End To End Series


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Just when you thought the 2020 ride planning was done... Inspired by Dave McQueeney’s iconic 40-40 Insanity, the IBA theme ride team has crafted the Interstate End to End (I-E2E) series.

Love them or hate them, we all ride on Interstates. IBA Certifications are now available for riding the entire length, end to end, of any United States Interstate over 1,000 miles. That is 7 east-west and 6 north-south interstates.

Of course the insanity does not end there, if you ride out, most of us have to ride back, so there is also the optional End 2 End 2 End craziness aka the I-E2E2E.

Certify each I-E2E and I-E2E2E at the "Basic" or "GOLD" level. Collect them for the Interstate End to End Special Awards Program (an entirely new level of insanity of its own).

Click on the link below for all the details.
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