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Some will recall my endeavours several years ago to replace the conclusion "failed" with the encouragement "working towards" and ever since then I have been working towards becoming a competent adult. I'm still doing that and I'm sure that, one day, I'll achieve that status but in the meantime, with some help from GarminDave, I have begun the above named programme with the first awards. One of the things I'm also still working towards is getting the compere's attention at gatherings like yesterday's RTE so that I can present things properly instead of handing them out like underhand bribes in brown envelopes so I'm posting here instead.

The inaugural members of this group are John Young, Graeme & Sally Dawson, Dave Badcock, Steve Westall, Mike (Ziggy) Turnpenny, Gordon Sears, Michiel Kerkhof & Thomas Bode who all stepped up to the plate to rescue me and/or my bike from one of my three recent "failures" (one per year in fact):- famously losing my keys in Romania while the spares were safely at home in England; superbly imitating a rolling drunk before being hospitalised in Yorkshire with Labyrinthitis; stupidly falling off my bike while staring at kerb stones in Belgium. These individuals have all received a certificate and patch confirming their status

Don't worry, there will, I'm sure, be plenty of opportunities for others to win them in future!

Perhaps there are other members deserving of similar recognition from other members? As far as I know, I'm clearly the winner of the victim trophy so far but if you know better maybe a [slightly] less targetted patch could be produced to spare the blushes of other members who might have been or might become in need of a rescue, no names, no pack drill:cool:


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I shall display my certificate and wear my patch with pride. It is a pleasure to be part of this small band of brothers. :D:D and sister:):)


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I think any one helping anyone can be nominated for an “I Rescued Bob Stammers” award. You Bob own this accolade and therefore should be the ringmaster.

Just my $0.02 worth.
I do have to give credit where credit is due and say my beloved hubby Steve also contributed so I can’t take all the credit (but will keep the patch )

Not all super hero’s wear capes

Thank you again, I feel very honoured