Is it time to start talking a MUSTER




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TJ, considering that this year's Naracoorte Muster had a formal program of just 90 minutes is it really too hard to find another date and location?


Informal workshop throughout the afternoon/evening for those interested in Soldering.

Note: Meals need to be pre ordered by 1500hrs to ensure delivery at 1800-1900hrs

1100hrs – Onwards Booking in at the ‘Naracoorte Hotel/Motel’

1600 – 1700hrs: Collection of pre-purchased merchandise and sale of IBA Australia Caps, Stickers & Patches

1700 – 1800hrs: Group Photo and informal discussion

1800 – 1900hrs: Meals and socialising

1900 – 2030hrs: Open discussions:

  • Tell us about your Ride In
  • Ron 15 Min
  • Show us your riding gear (be prepared to show pros and cons) – helmets/gloves/jackets/safety vests/wet weather gear/boots/ riding pants
  • forum discussions/general questions
  • 2021 Muster
  • A Parking lot will be utilised for items that need follow-up
2030 – onwards Fellowship"


Like 'working from home' and 'social distancing', we've all come to the realisation that the 2020 pandemic will be remembered for a modification of usual activities but also remembered for the innovative ways of keeping things as normal as possible. Can the "GTR later in the year" be rejigged to encompass a Muster? What are the obstacles?

I wouldn't mind some motivation to mount up to say g'day having not ridden an Iron Butt distance ride since my sunrise to sunset 'Burning Daylight SS1600K' almost 6 months ago. Its over 10 years since my calendar has been that blank. There is very little action in the IBA world at the moment, and even less downunder. I'd hate to see it fizzle.


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Work for a huge number of us has not changed. We go to work and we go home. We have not been locked down. A stupid term anyway. Essential workers I think we are called. But really it has been on the work front situation normal but a heightened awareness of who and whats happening around us.
This may sound a bit odd but my data shows growth and production at a very satisfactory level. Im a plasam operator so I measure the economy by plate weight through put per month.
Its been very high. Above last year month to month. Its high with orders set in stone until March 2021 go figure.

But Well.
Im still on my oil/filter change in prep to do the memorial dedication from last year. One only lunch run to Ebor. That's this years total.

Ox I have voiced my concern re the risk very real of a general loss of momentum and I too think its time to start getting the ks up.
A GTR or Some GTRs spread north south east and west would be very beneficial. They are simple to not require a set IBA distance ride and they get heads together for a catch up. Mental refreshers usually.

The GTR has always been a post a destination and keep some track of who is attending.
They are as a rule low numbers and a good motel with restaurant or those aspects in a small town have always been capable of absorbing and catering.
Its not rocket science.

I think you will find businesses located in the rural regions are in fact far more receptive and much more amenable to gatherings with a more mature approach to covid-if-ication.

For some of you my proposal might be just too absurd and even dangerous.
For the vast majority of the community across the country its just time to start getting on with normal.
That oft now quoted " new normal" is the real risk we have now.

Thank you for my 2 cents worth of comet.


As previously advised we will be continuing the Musters in April 2021, we will also be putting something together possibly a GTR or maybe an IBA Au event that is something nostalgic and historical later in the year. We will wait for a bit more for info regarding borders and COVID-19, which will be mid July.

We have not been idle but just the opposite and have been discussing this for a couple of months and are in the planning stages to make it happen.


Our apologies, we waited a bit longer than suggested above, to again consider our options to conduct another special ride.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 and in-state/territory restrictions and border closures, our plans for a nostalgic and historical ride later in the year will need to be put on the back-burner. We have cancelled our bookings for the location that was going to be used. This event will be able to be rekindled should things change and should it not get off the ground this year, we will plan it for 2021.