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Went out yesterday 150 miles around Kent mix of motorway, A roads, and dog rough lanes engine is free revving vibration free this will be an advantage for IBA rides less fatigue but watch it on motorways ect gets over the limit before you know it so throttle discipline a must.
Much easier than the GS at traffic lights you can hold it with your feet down rather than one finger on the brake as it's 40 kilo lighter than the GS.
When the lights change it takes off like a stabbed rat, well behaved in traffic handles well but the front end was a bit soft under braking two clicks up on the compression damping improved it front and rear are adjustable for compression and rebound damping with pre load on the rear shock.
The fuel gauge shows as six blocks on the screen when it gets down to the last one it flashes to show low fuel that equates to 4 litres remaining computer he or she say 60 MPG i can live with that i'll work out the true figure off a full tank later approx 180 miles per tank but T7Rally,com are working on a auxiliary tank.
There has been a lot wrote about the seat it is narrow which makes it easier to get both feet down but it's a bit thin on upholstery but i have fitted a cool cover that gives you a bit more cushion and it was comfortable for 150 miles no aches.
A couple of small niggles the hand grips are too thin making my hands ache grip puppies on the way the mirrors are good for wide angle i.e from the motorway inside lane you can see the outside lane on a four lane section BUT you cannot see what is directly behind you so a pair of mirror arm extenders ordered from e-bay, cannot say anything about the lights not been out in the dark yet but they are all LED except the indicators filament bulbs fitted Yamaha offer LED alternative but at £230.00 !!:eek:
Anyone want a 13 YO GS:D
PS Kim pics later when i get my camera charged and if i can work out how.

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Thanks for the details John, always nice to get a new bike, especially one none of us have, or any experience with...sounds all good to me, enjoy the thrill of farkling and learning more about her/him?


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Went out again today got a true figure for tank range once the low fuel flashes there is four litres left and the trip restarts at 0 i got forty eight miles
so no immediate panic to fill up 219 miles for 14.8 litres it's a sixteen litre tank 14.8 miles per litre or 67 MPG in old money a lot of this in heavy traffic on the A259 from Portsmouth to Folkstone at motorway pace it will be slightly less i think 200 miles per tank is a more realistic figure.
Fuze block fitted Keis heated jacket, tank bag power, sat nav, scott oiler, heated grips, all wired to it, need to get out and put on some miles lock downs permitting.
Found the trick with the seat which is not as uncomfortable as it looks i got a cool covers that gives it a bit more plus air circulation.

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Found the trick with the seat which is not as uncomfortable as it looks i got a cool covers that gives it a bit more plus air circulation.
I have a custom made seat for my Tenere which I'd like to keep of's the final seat made by Rick Mayer or whatever his name was.....
Just ordered a tail tidy from can't stand looking at the rear end anymore, going to uprate the rear spring as Yamaha build bikes for snake hipped Oriental's not fat arsed old white men.
Get the bike sorted in the hope we can get out next year if there are any pubs, hotels, camp sites still in business.
Took the tail unit off in anticipation of it arriving in a few days just had an e-mail from ref the tail tidy waiting for the latest batch to come back from the powder coaters might see it before the new year.
A big thumbs up to Rally raid took the rear shock to them at Wollaston 95nm spring fitted ten minutes £90.00 back home checked the roller bearings in the rear shock linkage for grease Yamaha are a bit tight with grease on assembly it's rumoured that they still have the same tub of grease they bought when they started;) anti seize paste on the bolt and threads. IMG_1314.JPG

The white one is the 95nm spring.
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Put the tail unit back on still no word from T7 rally when you order something you expect the company to tell you if it's not in stock not take your money then fob you off with some excuse about waiting for the powder coaters ordered this on the 14th Dec, not happy.


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What with all these poxy lock downs that bike will be a classic before i have wore out the first set of tyres
my wheelie bins do more mileage than i do.