Jeff the Chef's out of the kitchen


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Jeff the Chef is having a ride as I type and was happy to share it with you once he was over half way.

He is doing a few IBA rides along the way including a 100CCC Melb to Darwin to Melb, I will let him elaborate on the rides when he returns.

Needless to say last Tuesday at approx 4.15am he rode out of Port Melb heading to warmer weather. A few of us couldn't sleep so went to sign him out and wish him well.

He should be back to Port Melb tomorrow night (Friday 10th Nov) or Sat morn. A few of us may venture out to greet him, feel free to join us at the United Westgate (Southern Side). He may not have a lot of time as Port Melb is not the finish of his bigger overall IBA ride but only the 100ccc component.

Lynne the Pillion, Jeff the Chef, Philmor, Nico, Wingman, Derrick

He's even got a kiss on his screen from his better half, Helen.
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Excellent. A north/south 100CCC is a very rare thing.

1800hr AEDT currently Jeff is on the move back south having just left Alice Springs.

That Tenere of Jeff's looks indestructible.


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His Spot seems to working ok now. Last night on his way north it seem to stick at Katherine for over an hour and then again this morning it didn't emit a blip for many hours. Mrs Jeff the Chef, Helen got a message to him I am not sure what he did but it started working again at Tennant Creek.


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There are a lot of spot tracks around Melbourne but it looks like the 100ccc is done and dusted ,so congrats to you Jeff ,top ride ,you made that look easy and we all know it wasn't :)
So you're heading west again ,where too now?


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Jeff made it safely back to Port Melbourne around 10.40pm after completing his 100ccc Melb to Darwin and back. I hope no one was waiting for him to appear at the United Westgate on the south side, as it seemed we couldn't get to it due to roadworks, so the Shell servo was used..

Funnily enough LTP and I met up with Philmor and Derrick at Ballan and we all had a nice sedate ride back to Port Melb with Jeff.

Well done Jeff on a huge ride which hasn't finished yet, we wished him well as he headed west towards Ballarat, but that's another story. :D

A few pics from tonight with Jeff.

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Glad to see you found home Jeff. It was our pleasure to see you off and back again from Port Melb with the other guys.

Congratulations on your achievements over the last 5 days... Awesome performance... :)