Just started the Lighthouse Challenge!

Okay did a lot more over the weekend

Watch Hill Lighthouse (check)
Conanicut Lighthouse (check) Private residence now so be careful getting down the private road
Poplar lighthouse (check) Another private road
Warwick lighthouse (check)
Judith Point Lighthouse (check)
Stonington lighthouse and museum (check) They got stamps so bring your book
Morgan Point lighthouse (check) PS Noak is a cute town
Latimeer reef lighthouse (check) PS You cannot go there but you can see it and you can get a passport stamp for it at Stonington so by the rules it counts.
More are coming, took a bit of the winter off being in New England but hit 3 more lighthouses over the weekend and I have a trip planned for next week that will get me almost to where I need to be. Heading up the coast into Maine and back hitting a bunch of spots, should take me 3 or 4 days total.