Kangaroo Numbers R.P.M.


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Just some info on Roo number collected this week by me, thought it might interesting for your IBA plans for Parkes this weekend.

On Lynne The Pillion's and my recent 50CC attempt from Cooktown via Townsville, Charter Towers, Emerald to Roma there was no Kangaroos seen by us and very little road kill. Lots of water everywhere from the recent rains and the paddocks looked green.

From Roma where we pulled the pin on the ride and then rode west to Charleville there still lots of water laying but the paddocks looked dryer and Roos were bounding around at approx 5 RPM (Roos Per Minute).

Then we turned south and rode via Cunnamulla to Bourke and the Roo count went up big time to around 40 RPM. Again lots of water laying everywhere I looked and the paddocks dry looking.

South of Bourke and back down to Melbourne none were sighted.

A guy I was speaking to at Cunnamulla said the road east to St George was teaming with the buggers.

Hoping this info may assist you in your planning.

See you in Parkes..


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That certainly lines up with my experience Michael.
We're making a u-turn in Bourke Friday lunchtime so should not have too many to deal with.

John negus

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Hi all..we are organising our first Iron Butt ride when daylight saving starts in Nsw. Terrigal to Bourke is 807 km one way. We are thinking of leaving at 3am to get to Bourke about noon to get minimum Rpm,'s. Did a half way trial to Dubbo yesterday 824 km return in 10.5hrs with 8.8hrs actual saddle time leaving at 7 am. Thinking plan of attack as leaving 3 am and going hard to Bourke. Return taking it easy with a 30 to 40 minute break every two hours and even a mid arvo nap as we are old guys (but fut). Saw a few roos near the singleton range about 4 pm. Any other planning considerations would be welcome. Cheers. John Negus


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A couple of points off the top of my head (we rode that way on Friday):
1. Go via Dunedoo/Mendooran to Gilgandra - avoiding Dubbo - and use Shell Truckport just north on the Newell;
2. Fuel consumption increases from Gilgandra with the 110 kph legal speeds;
3. RPM depends on the recent rains, varies considerably, although you've already noted a known 'hot spot'; Pewriod before & after dusk seems worst;
4. You may need to work on reducing your stop times - a bit conservative;
5. Calculate your required Overall Average for the ride, and watch that like a hawk!
6. Don';t forget required documentation - Witness Forms, receipts etc.
7. Have Fun!



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John, I can't speak to that time of year but I can say the RPMs were very high between Bourke and Nyngen and high between Bourke and Hillston when we travelled on Friday night.

John negus

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Thanks for the input all.. we are aiming to get to Bourke noon or abouts to minimize Rpm and I agree rest times on return are fairly soft. We are doing our second recce with a 70% distance target in two weeks time. I'll keep u posted. .Cheers. .jn


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When you say "we" how many are planning on giving the ride a go? Doing a ride with a group adds both advantages and challenges. At the very least I recommend having a discussion with the others you are riding with about what happens if one or more of you starts to really struggle. This is critical. When you are attempting something alone and you start to struggle you need to be able to recognise it and stop, that can be tough enough. But when you are with a group it adds a whole heap of other factors that you all need to be on the same page about.

Good luck with it.

John negus

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Thanks again..Har Har. ."we" started off at 7 riders..after our first recce to Dubbo and return ,two have dropped off already and we expect more drop outs after we do our 75% distance trial next few weeks. Three of us are ex-military and we are going to run it like an operation. our plan on the ride us that if anyone has had enough to pull out and stay at a motel and continue the next day with the rest continuing through riding. I figure 3 riders will probably make the cut and we are all experienced long distance riders (but not Iron butters yet). Also our bikes are well prepped and ideal for the ride (gs1200, big tenere and caponord 1200) I'll post how our next trial worked out. Thanks all for threinput...Jn


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@ Ed. Excellent post re. group LD attempts for the newbies.

@ John. One important point I'd like to add. Ensure that all the information is actually on your dockets/receipts and that it is accurate. Remember that it is up to the rider to prove the route, time and distance. Grab those corner receipts!
Another hint is to write the time, odo, GPS or any relevant info on the back of the receipt.

With the change to daylight saving, not all all POS or ATM systems change over automatically. If the timestamp is out, make a note on the receipt.
Careful with ATM receipts, some don't printout which town/suburb these are located. Like the ANZ ATM we have here at the Westside Plaza. No mention of Broken Hill. Yes the ATM ID number can be punched into Google and it brings up the fact that it is located in Broken Hill but geez, what a pain.

As your ex-military, no need to remind of hydration and mental/fatigue checks or knowing when to pull the pin. Just remember, if you don't succeed it is not a fail but just another training run.
Try to enjoy the ride, take pics and good luck with it.


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The only timed receipts are at the start and end of the ride. I always thought all the receipts had to have accurate times but I was recently made aware by Ira Agins to carefully read the rules all the time as they change.

This is what is in the current version of the SS1600k rules:

Log entries must be made at each gas stop (sample attached). A log entry includes the following information; DATE, TIME, TIME ZONE, LOCATION (i.e. Moline, IL) and ODOMETER reading. A receipt must accompany each log book entry (please note, that the receipts from these gas stops, where possible possible should include a date stamp - we do NOT care about time stamps on these receipts, do not waste time worrying about time stamps, the only time stamps that are critical are the start and finish receipts!).

It is still a good habit to get accurate receipts but it is not a current requirement for times to be on them.
Another good habit is to revisit the rules often.


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Thanks Peter.
I might be a bit anal on this but I'd counter that for rallying purposes, it'd be good practise to ensure all details including time stamp are correct and printed.
Noted and agree that revisiting the rules often is also good practise. Onya for the heads up, good one mate.


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Still lots of roos between Broken Hill and Yunta on Thursday night 4 Aug but I think they were all frozen and didn't move much.
Ran Broken Hill to Nyngan on Sunday Night I know you won't believe this but I only saw three roos they were before Wilcania.

I have never seen the country so green.

John negus

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Hi All...I have traveled to Canberra twice in the last few weeks and between Collector and North Canberra I haven't seen so much road kill on that stretch ever. First trip 5-6 BIG roos and assorted small road kill (including a wombat) and last Monday on the way back 4-5 roos and and they were also quite large. This is big numbers for such a short dIstanceand I also pulled into the rest stop on the northern end of Lake George (western side) and there were three roos grazing 20 meters from the main road and they were so big if they were in Rio they would have failed the drug test for sure. The locals tell me that with the rain the roos numbers are exploding. So ride safe in this area for sure. As an aside. .I nearly got taken out by a fox at Wollombi on Tuesday as it was in a bush next to the road and darted across just in front of my wheel . ( I had purchased a shoo-roo whistle and I think it scared the fox into running) So my shoo-in is gone into the bin at Wollombi pub...Har Har. ..Cheers and yippee...Jn


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What you say is true John, however most of the roo population stay off the Federal Highway and those that stray on give you enough warning to miss them. frankly I don't know why there is so much road kill on the Federal unless it's truckies that just don't care.

Step off the Federal onto the Sutton Queanbeyan Rd and the like and it gets much much worse.

Suffice to say, planning runs around the ACT at night ATM is probably not your best plan.
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Martin Little

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That is correct, Canberra and the surrounding regional NSW area is enjoying a boom time in Roo numbers.
I do the Canberra Sydney ride twice a week (for work) in the dark and the Roo numbers have increased noticeably in the last few months. The Roos are very active on the Federal between Nth Cbr and Collector, I regularly share lanes with the buggers in this area. Suffice to say I'm happy to travel below the speed limit to ensure me and the Roos avoid each other.

And as Rusjel noted if you think Federal highway is bad, Sutton Road is like Pitt Street at lunch time.