KX125 1993 wont start

Hi there, My KX125 1993 wont start. Never had a problem in 5 years. Just went for a run, approx 15min max and it just stopped. Did the basic checks, could not find anything wrong.
Since then we have replaced: Spark plug & coil and replaced the Igniter box (only with another secondhand one).
Also, checked all fuel hoses, carby, air. Cant find what is wrong.
Can anyone please help me out? Thank you


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Well all engines need four things, air, spark, fuel and compression.

You replaced parts but did you check parts?

Does it have spark?
Is it getting fuel?
Is it getting air?
Do you have compression?

I'd start there and if the answer is yes to all, then go deeper into the top end.

If no to any, then that's where to start.


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Too bad no update on this? What usually happens when I get a flame-out like this, I have inadvertently hit the kill switch. By the time I check it, what's left of my brain has melted down.

Makes me wonder if the bars were at full lock when the engine died. That would make me suspect a parted wire in the loom where it passes the steering head. Twice, I have had a broken wire there inside perfectly good looking insulation.