Last ride of the year?


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I assume so. I have it on my calendar for 12-30 with the understanding that it is ALWAYS held on the 30th.

But the local HOG Chapter and Montgomery H-D dealership says the 29th and that they confirmed that date with the Stagecoach.

It's only 140+ miles down for me. But I'd still hate to miss it by a day.


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Now confirmed, due to a conflict with the restaurant the 29th (Saturday) is the correct date.

(I'm guessing for this year only).


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The more-or-less official announcement, with the date corrected, frorm Shuey Wolfe:

Stagecoach Cafe
52860 AL 59
Stockton, AL 36579
(251) 580-0608

Just a reminder for those who want to see and be seen, have a look at bikes of all kinds and visit with riding friends you might not see often enough.

This year on the Dec 29th. Unless the weather is really terrible I'll estimate attendance approaching 1,000! ;), who knows. Theyre usually all gone by 2pm (CST).

I need some certitude regarding this LDR 'ride-2-eat.'
I see no mention of a Harley-Davidson ride on their Facebook description? That must be a Montgomery idea.

The Stagecoach-Cafe Facebook page says this:

Stagecoach Cafe
December 3 at 5:54 AM ·
It always seems along way off!!! But the last ride in is December 30th, Monday, 2019! Make plans and start praying for a beautiful day!
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It also says they're gonna try to open for lunch a 'earlier than usual,' but will have coffee available for early arrivals.

Is this luncheon gathering happening on Sunday, the 29th from Montgomery; or on Monday, 30 Dec (as traditionally occurs)?
Is there a targeted time or window? Note that JAORE incorrectly references the 29th [ Not a Saturday ].

We'd like to attend, but want to plan our departure and arrival on the "Actual Day!"
Thanx in advance for clarification, HSV-Phil + HSV-Karen


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Hey, HSV-Phil.

Please note my comments were for LAST year, 2018, NOT for 2019. Easy mistake, as a once a year event this ride gets little note here until the ride date approaches. The Montgomery references were because that HOG Chapter had a 2018 date that differed from the usual 30th. My comments were about the conflicting information between the Face Book page and the Montgomery HOG chapter. It is NOT a Montgomery, nor a HOG event. But it certainly is a fun event.
As Homer Simpson often says: "Doh!" { It pays to Pay Attention to the finer Details when it comes to this organization! }

Guess the proper answer is, "Hope to see y'all there," on Monday, 30Dec19!
So, would Noon be a reasonable Time-over-Target?

Ciao, HSV-Phil


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On the Facebook page the times are listed as 7am - 2pm. Not sure what time I will be there but probably around 8am.

Having not been to one before I cannot say if noon is reasonable, but based on other events I'd suspect most would be there before noon
FWIW, We met some LDR types from AL, FL, MS at the R-R-Inn in Bay Minette on Sun night, with about a dozen folks eating dinner (then breakfast) at Street's family restaurant (good, inexpensive meals w/o any alcohol). Our ride from Rocket City was certainly damp, but nothing outrageous as suggested by local weather reports. Temps were 'comfortable' around 70F, and we tried to stick to the back roads while visiting counties we've yet to transit since moving to AL.

Sunday, was sunny, dry, and cooler as the Stage Coach Cafe's parking lot filled rapidly. We spoke to a few like-minded riders, and admired the wide variety of people and iron horses... We helped two 'senior citizens' from VA to safely mount their Old 1200cc Goldwing (balance and flexibility are good things to maintain). Perhaps you know them as they've previously ridden in the IBR; he said he had just finished putting his GW back on the road... Their bodies were no longer as young as their souls (if ya get my drift).

We observed maybe 225 bikes in the cafe's lot and across the street when we chose to head north ~1200. Glad were checked out this annual Gathering of the Clans.

Ciao! HSV-Phil & HSV-Karen

Dedicated LDR Senior Citizens!

Cafe parking lot filling up; they even had about a 12 piece band ready to perform...

Here's K near the street & overflow parking taking over the gas station.

An eclectic VW-trike belonging to a 36-yr Army retiree; he was leading a ride to a funeral in the PM.
Rectangular 'brace' on the fork is a chunk from a Claymore mine, says 'Front Toward Enemy."