Last ride of the year?


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I assume so. I have it on my calendar for 12-30 with the understanding that it is ALWAYS held on the 30th.

But the local HOG Chapter and Montgomery H-D dealership says the 29th and that they confirmed that date with the Stagecoach.

It's only 140+ miles down for me. But I'd still hate to miss it by a day.


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Now confirmed, due to a conflict with the restaurant the 29th (Saturday) is the correct date.

(I'm guessing for this year only).


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The more-or-less official announcement, with the date corrected, frorm Shuey Wolfe:

Stagecoach Cafe
52860 AL 59
Stockton, AL 36579
(251) 580-0608

Just a reminder for those who want to see and be seen, have a look at bikes of all kinds and visit with riding friends you might not see often enough.

This year on the Dec 29th. Unless the weather is really terrible I'll estimate attendance approaching 1,000! ;), who knows. Theyre usually all gone by 2pm (CST).