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I propose a group event for New Year's Eve - Tuesday, 31st December, fun riding for a few, armchair amusement for the many, recruitment weapon for the IBA.

Riders (and pillions if any) must be existing members, willing and able to complete an (ultimately verified) SS1000, in Great Britain, before midnight, must run a live Spotwalla track and must be willing to publish their proposed route before Christmas. The winner will be the rider who completes his ride before midnight having started last. Obviously, speeding is banned and any speeding detected will invalidate the ride.

Others can decide what, if any, awards (beyond the admiration of his peers) the winner should receive but perhaps we could produce a sticker - not a patch - a sticker to mark and publicise the event, design suggestions below please.

To be clear - "started last" means certified start receipt showing latest time. Rides running past midnight don't qualify.

This will obviously be a "weather permitting" event but, weather permitting, I have already drafted my route.
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Already have plans for New Years Eve, Which involve Cider not Motorcycles, Sorry.

But Likewise

No Patch'y No Ride'y :p

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your right, ~I did research them, but I didn't purchase any...maybe if I lived in Scandanavia it would be necessary.