Last ride to Eat 2019


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If anyone wants 10% off of their hotel price, PM me, as I've been given such a link from Booking.Com
Right it’s 6/7/8 Dec 2019 as per our normal, book Ibis style Calais for weekend main photo 12.00 Family Bar on the Saturday on the 7th but those Who come Friday, Family Bar for Friday night and as per this year The Hovercraft for Saturday eve
No badges lol 18 so far

1,2) Graeme D and Sally
3,4) Tom Tom aka Skippy aka Foster ;-) & Joy
5) GSears
6) saphena
7) Tom aka Owl
8) Kim
9,10) Daz and his Las
11,12) FazerPhil and Lynne
13,14) Sean +1?
15) Graeme F
16) Johny P
17,18) BMK +1


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I've said I'm in, but I'm not on the list. I can take a hint...

L'Hovercraft works better than the Family Pub for the full group. Not eaten anywhere else, so can't suggest an alternative.